10 Powerful Tips For Creating Video Ads For Real Estate Business

If there is anyone who understands the world of buying and selling houses, it is real estate agents. From understanding the functional aspects of the house and the locality to keeping a check on the rates and latest amenities, these agents have rocked their business. But with time, the approach of the business has changed. 

One of the key changes that have not only shocked the real estate market but almost every business out there is video. Making videos and showcasing them to your potential customers delivers an ace user experience. If you’re in this business, using a real estate video editor to create unique and astonishing videos can increase your chances of cracking a sale. 

However, everything comes with a few difficulties. From technical to practical, creating a video can be a tough job. One just cannot think of creating a video and straight away start with it. There is a dedicated process for it that must be followed. 

So, how can you start with videos? Should you outsource it or look for software that helps you in creating videos that deliver sales? Many queries and doubts may arise in your mind. Don’t worry; we will help you clear all your doubts related to creating video ads for your real estate business.

Top 10 Effective Tips for Creating Video Ads

In the beginning, if you are new to video creation, the process could be intimidating for you. But once you get the hang of editing and using software to make real estate videos, the video-making process can be really fun. 

Here are 10 helpful tips for creating videos:

  • Budgeting

The entire process for creating a video for your prospect is to start with budgeting. Without proper budgeting, your entire focus on video creation could lapse. Here are some fields where you must keep an active eye while preparing your budget.

  • Video type: The clip type is probably the most important factor when it comes to real estate video production expenses. Your budget plan will be heavily influenced by the style of the clip you wish to make.
  • Duration: When all the processes are in line, one of the vital things that can affect the pricing of your budget is the length of your clip. That isn’t to say that lengthier videos are always more costly. For example, a three-minute video will normally cost more than a two-minute film.
  • Your approach: Another factor that can affect your pricing is the innovative approach method. This includes the amount of focus you put on different things, the practical difficulties of the project, the quality of the equipment, and the production team’s expertise.

  • Planning

Wondering if boosting the market for your property listings is easy without proper planning and strategic overview? We might not agree to this as you might need to suffer through considerable hardships. 

Take some time to plan before plunging into the video. Identify and determine the videos you actually require for retaining your audiences’ attention and increasing conversions.

Planning saves time in editing a video on a real estate video editor, and it also makes the entire process easier. If your planning is robust and secure, you can concentrate on other things like production setting, creation of ideas, etc. 

  • Audio 

Whenever it relates to property real estate video recommendations, the most vital factor to consider when shooting is the sound. It is much more important to have good sounds than it is to have a compelling video. 

Even if you’re just taking movies with your smartphone, buying a potent microphone is imperative.

  • Lighting

Lighting is another crucial aspect of real estate video production. Simply being conscious of the ambient daylight in your shooting environment, either inside or outside, is one of the greatest things you can do. 

  • Camera and lenses

If you are planning to use a professional camera, then there are various things you need to keep a check on. Using these cameras can be a big plus point because you get the depth and are able to create high-quality videos. Plus, these equipment are more flexible than other cameras and can be used to work under any scenario.


  • Bring the emotional angle

We are not suggesting that you try to deceive folks into viewing or liking your home by buying films, but creating video material that focuses on pleasant human feelings like excitement, pleasure, and affection may be highly effective.

Videos that generate an extreme reaction get not only greater responses from spectators but also leave a robust impact on your prospects. 

In reality, emotional reaction is one of the most potent techniques for winning over others, whether we’re thinking about selling, branding, or any other form of human connection.

  • Short videos

If you think that people have time to watch your long videos, you are wrong. People’s attention span has decreased considerably. As a result, you’ll want to keep your real estate advertising short and to the point, while still keeping it entertaining. 

Limiting your films to five minutes or less will catch the attention of your prospective customers even before the video ends. This entails determining what information is vital and what data can be discarded.

  • Sell the house and the location

If you wish to become a top-class real estate agent, you need to understand that people don’t simply buy houses; they buy homes. That encompasses the building, the neighbourhood in which it is situated, and the culture that may be enjoyed there.

  • Property walkthroughs

Creating property walkthroughs assures the buyers that they will get the property delivered in the same condition as shown in the video ad. This increases transparency and builds trust between you and your customers. 

People who are buying property are more interested in what the home has to offer to the viewers. In addition, showing your audiences an exquisite interior also intrigues them to shortlist and buy that property. 

To put it another way, don’t only make films about the houses you’re promoting. Bring the connection with those videos to connect with your prospects. 

  • Prepare the decor before filming the video

Agents understand that the properties with a finished touch or that are fully furnished appeal more to potential buyers than semi-furnished houses or other properties. 

Similarly, videos with a decorated home fare substantially better than videos with an open or raw environment. Particular architectural aspects, such as chairs or artefacts, could be used. These aspects entice the customers and ensure the property sells swiftly. 



One of the most crucial real estate video recommendations is to get started right away using the tools you already have. 

Several folks think that if they release a single clip, they will gather momentum within a week or two. They feel disheartened and quit posting if this does not happen. However, the right approach is to post multiple videos, keep trying, and not give up.