16 Interesting Car Facts You Need to Know

It’s a well-known fact that cars have been the primary source of transportation during the past few decades, whether you want to go to school, work, or even go on a memorable road trip with your friends. 

Ever wondered what cool features your car has? Or have you ever wanted to enrich your knowledge about different types of vehicles?

Whether you’re a die-hard car fan or just a curious person who wants to sell a car online, these fascinating car facts are guaranteed to blow your mind!

1- Nearly 100 dreadful days of the lifetime of a British driver will be spent stuck in traffic. As a person who despises waiting or getting stuck in traffic, I bet this would be considered torturous for the majority of drivers.

2- The love for Toyota Corolla. Toyota Corolla has actually beaten the record for being the world’s best-selling car! This global Japanese company has sold over 44 million of these cars, which makes up approximately 20% of the company’s overall sales.

3- Mercedes Benz. Do you have any idea how and why this luxurious car company has named its brand Mercedes? It wasn’t a random choice nor a made-up word. It was actually derived from the name of a customer’s daughter ‘Mercedes Jellinek’

4- Buckle up! Did you know that seatbelts, which were invented by Volvo, save around one life every six seconds? To make matters more interesting, Volvo refused to patent the invention so it could be used for safety purposes.

5- A car made out of a type of vegetable! Believe it or not, a 2000 lb car was made out of entirely soybeans by Henry Ford back in 1941.

6- The world’s best electric car, Tesla. Studies on valuing your car have shown Tesla to be the second most valuable car back in 2017.

7- The dominance of white cars. White color was proven to be the world’s favorite car color, according to an Australian study conducted back in 2013. The same study confirms that accidents are 10% less likely to occur if you’re driving a white car.

8- At a speed of 120mph, the Modern Formula 1 car is capable of driving upside down in a tunnel. This is due to the high aerodynamic downforce it possesses. Crazy right?

9- The most expensive speeding ticket issued was 1,000,000in Switzerland. Apparently, a Swede man was fined a million-dollar ticket for surpassing the speed limit, driving at 180mph.

10- No room for dirty cars. One weird law you probably didn’t know about is that it’s pretty much illegal to drive a dirty car in Russia. Doing so will end you up with a criminal offense.

11- Automobiles vs. people. Did you know that the vehicle population overthrows the human population in Los Angeles?

12- The superiority of the Rolls Royce. Nearly two-thirds of Rolls Royce cars ever manufactured are still being driven today.

13- There’s relatively one death case in every 5000 car accidents. The possibilities of dying aren’t exactly low, which is why it’s paramount to stick to safety laws and to put on your seatbelt.

14- Made in China. Roughly 25% of the world’s total vehicles are produced in China.

15- The importance of recycling. Interestingly enough, 82% of a regular car can be recycled by the automotive recycling industry, which is considered the 16th largest industry in America. 

16- 1902 was the year the first speeding ticket was issued. Could you guess the speed at which the motorist was driving? A ridiculous 45mph.

Did you have any prior knowledge about any of these compelling facts? If not, well, now you do! Make sure to add them to your list of interesting facts, and don’t forget to share them with your friends!