4 Benefits of CoQ10 For Heart Health 

In order to keep your heart beating and your entire body alive, you need to keep the heart muscle healthy. This includes having a healthy diet, eating right, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a healthy weight. There’s not a real shortcut you can take that will replace these actions to improve your heart, but you can supplement them with a dosage of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

CoQ10 is a natural substance that your body produces, and we also get a lot of it in our food, from livers and kidneys of animals, broccoli, spinach, and sardines to name a few items. CoQ10’s main job is to help the food that we ingest turn into energy for our body, while also defending our cells from things that might damage them. 

But CoQ10 has some major benefits for our heart health as well, and this article is going to go in depth about how increasing our intake of CoQ10 can aid in keeping our heart beating!

  • Low CoQ10 Can Lead To Inflammation

Inflammation seems to be the problem with a lot of our bodies these days, and CoQ10 is one of the supplements that can aid in fighting it. Researchers studied the effect of CoQ10 on a substance called C-reactive protein (CRP), and whenever we have high levels of CRP in our bodies, it is tied to an increase in inflammation. The extra inflammation in the body can lead to heart problems, such as heart attacks and strokes.

If you have a higher level of CoQ10 inside the body, however, you won’t be at risk for increased CRP levels and increased inflammation. This can help to keep your heart working as intended, and can also reduce all of the problems that can come with inflammation.

  • Taking CoQ10 Can Aid Statin Related Muscle Issues

Statin therapy are drugs that can help you in lowering your cholesterol, and that can help to reduce the risk of a heart attack, stroke, or other health problems. However, they have some pretty severe side effects, such as muscle pain and general exhaustion, which can lead many patients to quit. However, adding CoQ10 to the Stain therapy was shown to decrease pain and fatigue, making it more likely that patients would continue with the treatment.

 If you are taking Statin therapy for any reason, then you need to make sure that you are supplementing it with CoQ10 twice daily, and you will notice that the once severe side effects will fall away.

  • Can Increase Recovery From A Heart Attack

If you do find yourself suffering from a heart attack or some other form of heart failure, being given CoQ10 soon after the heart attack by doctors might be able to aid in recovery. Studies have shown that those who got CoQ10 after a heart problem had a reduced risk for more heart problems during the following year. 

Other studies have shown that people taking the drug who experience heart failure have had reduced deaths. So if you can’t take the CoQ10 to reduce the chances of heart attacks, strokes, and other heart failures, at least you can use it to prevent them.

  • Is Easy To Get And Use

All you need is a simple blood test to notice if you need to increase your CoQ10 levels, and if you do you just need to take the supplement with a meal because it is fat soluble and works the best when you take it with food. There are also a wide variety of CoQ10 supplements as well, and depending on your age, you might take a different supplement to get you the most benefits.

For example, ubiquinone is an oxidized form of CoQ10 which helps the mitochondria in the cell make energy and also helps to prevent cell damage. This is best for young people who need some extra CoQ10. However, ubiquinol is an active and more advanced form, which is better absorbed by the body and it is easier for older people who can’t turn normal CoQ10 and Ubiquinol.

Your doctor will tell you what version of the CoQ10 you need to better improve your heart health, and then you can start using it and getting the coq10 benefits.

CoQ10 Will Give You Some Benefits

CoQ10 will help your body and heart, no matter what form you take it. Whether you want to recover from a heart failure that happened in the past, want to improve your heart health so nothing bad happens in the future, or want to prevent a family history of heart problems from impacting you, you will gain some benefits with CoQ10.

Don’t be afraid to get everything tested and then see how well your heart health starts to improve, and once you get your CoQ10 up to high levels, you’ll certainly notice a health change!