5 Landscaping Tips on a Budget

Landscaping adds curb appeal to your home; getting creative with it can be a fun project. However, you don’t have to make a significant investment to add beauty, color and function to your yard and house. Here are five tips for landscaping without breaking your budget.

1. Create Curved Lines

Think beyond straight edges if you plan to add edging or a small retaining wall. Professional landscapers often use curved lines to make areas more visually attractive. Curving the lines of a planted area along your house can break up the square features and create an appealing contrast.

You can achieve a curved look with stacked bricks, natural-cut stones, pavers or plastic edging. They create interest through all seasons — even in the winter when the landscape is bare. If your lawn grows up to the edging materials, maintaining it is easy with a high-quality trimmer. Research where to buy Greenworks trimmers if you’re interested in battery-operated equipment with zero emissions.

2. Add a Variety of Plants

When everything is in bloom in the spring and summer, it’s easy to go to the garden store and pick beautiful plants. However, it’s a good idea to diversify your landscaping for long modern planter boxes to create year-round interest. Choose bushes and flowers that vary in size and color.

Ask the gardening expert for tips on planting items that bloom at different times during the season. Planting for different seasons keeps your landscaping looking colorful. Some flowers, especially annuals, bloom for several months. Ornamental grasses and evergreen bushes add interest during the winter and keep your landscaping from looking completely bare.

Consider adding native plants to your landscaping. Flowers, shrubs and trees native to your area are easier to maintain because they grow well in your climate. You won’t have to spend much time watering and pampering them; they are more apt to flourish.

3. Build a Walkway Between Spaces

Do you have areas in your yard that get a lot of foot traffic? Maybe you have a fire pit several yards from the house, or your kids go back and forth to a swing set. Adding a walkway to connect areas of interest makes your yard attractive. It also eliminates dead grass or muddy paths.

You can create a simple walkway by adding concrete stepping stones. Other options include natural-looking flagstones, bricks or gravel with edging. Look at the colors and elements of your house as you choose your materials. Using items that match your home’s aesthetic creates a cohesive look.

4. Install a Seating Area

Creating a small patio with the same materials you may choose for a walkway is easy and inexpensive. Concrete squares, flagstones or gravel can serve as a base for a bench, bistro set or fire pit with seating. Add a flower pot or two, and dress up the chairs with outdoor cushions and pillows.

Before choosing a place in your yard, consider how you’ll use it. A shady spot is perfect for a bench or hammock, while you may choose an open area for a fire pit.

5. Incorporate Lighting

Lighting makes your landscaping beautiful and functional in the nighttime hours. Strategically placed lighting can be a safety feature, illuminating walkways and steps. It can also highlight features such as plants and rocks.

Some lighting ideas include:

  • Lining a walkway to increase visibility
  • Focusing a spotlight on a tree or rock
  • Adding underwater lighting to a pond or waterfall

If your area gets several hours of sunlight during the day, you can easily install solar lighting and avoid wiring. Installation is simple — just insert them in the ground, gravel or soft surface. You can move the solar lights if you want to rearrange them after installation.

Beautifying Your Home on a Budget

Fortunately, landscaping your home doesn’t have to be expensive. You can add features such as edging, seating areas and lighting without spending much on installation and materials. DIY landscaping projects can be fun and creative while adding curb appeal to your home.