6 Signs It Is Time for A New Mattress

When you are not sleeping well, the mattress is the last thing in your head as a cause. However, your body can tell you when you need to replace your mattress. The mattress type, beddings, room temperature, and cleanliness can all affect your sleep. But, invest in a mattress as you find where to buy a bed frame. Since you need to invest in a good mattress that can last you at least seven to ten years. There are many reasons it needs replacement and why it breaks down. Thus, if your sleep is less satisfying, it is time to replace your mattress. Below are six signs it is time to have a new mattress.

  • Visible signs of wear 

It is time to replace your mattress if it shows signs of wear and tear. These signs of wear include ripping, holes, visible tears, sagging, stains, among other damages. Some other signs of mattress damage not to ignore include foam that is shifting around, feeling the foundation, deep indentations, and springs poking you. Any of these signs means you need to start shopping for a new mattress. To learn more about king single mattresses in a box please visit Sleep Republic

  • It is over seven years old

Every mattress has its lifespan. The waterbed lasts the longest, almost 15 years. Memory foam can last for at least ten years if you rotate it well. Plus, the mattress’s lifespan depends on proper maintenance. More importantly, invest in a quality mattress to ensure it is good for your body for a long time. Also, change to a new mattress after seven years. But, as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable, you should start looking for a new one. Plus, as you grow older, your body has different needs. So all you need is a best mattress with proper support. ‌

  • Your allergy is worse

 It is not allergy season, but your allergies are worse. It could be the mattress. An old mattress has dust mites, and dust mites can cause respiratory issues that trigger asthma and allergies. The older mattress may have a high amount of dust mites than any other items in your house. But an old mattress contains more than dust mites. Also, it may be harboring bacteria, mold, and other allergens.

  • Waking up sore

 How do you wake up each day? Do you feel pains and aches? If this is the case, you need a new mattress. Old mattress can cause discomfort in your shoulders, neck, lower back, and hips. If you have such problems as a stiff neck or a hip of out alignment, an old mattress can even worsen your symptoms. This is because your mattress is no longer giving you the support you need. Plus, you can notice the physical outline of the body immersions on it as you wake up. To tell a supportive mattress, it returns to its natural state. Plus, once your mattress loses its shape, it does not support your spine’s natural curvature. Thus, adding stress to other parts of the body as you sleep. So if you are waking up sore, start looking up for a new one.

  • Trouble sleeping 

 Another indication that you need a new mattress is when you have trouble sleeping. You may not have gone through discomfort, but are having a challenge sleeping. It could be your mattress. Poor or inadequate sleep can cause chronic sleep problems and significant stress. Without getting enough sleep, you may feel a decreased mood, slower mental and emotional function, feeling a lack of self-worth, or incompetence. Any of these signs present is a sign to search for your next mattress. Sleep is vital for your human body. The lack of it will affect your whole day.

  • You are getting hot 

Do you wake up sweating or feel hot in bed? It may be time to replace the mattress. If you had no issue with temperature regulation when you bought your mattress, it is a sign that your mattress is breaking down. The longer you have it, the faster your materials restrict airflow and soften on the surface. Also, if you keep your room in unusual temperatures, your mattress will wear out faster. The exposure breaks down the material. So, check how hot you feel in your mattress lately, and you can tell whether it is time to shop for a new one.