6ix9ine Net Worth (Daniel Hernandez)

6ix9ine Net Worth (Daniel Hernandez)


Daniel Hernandez referred to professionally as 6ix9ine or Tekashi69. 6ix9ine Net Worth will be discussed in this post. He is an American rapper and a songwriter too. Nobody knows the tragedy of his name that why he put his nick based on 69. He is known for his unknown appearance, dubious behavior, and for the brute shouting strategy in a portion of his songs.

6ix9ine Net Worth

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Daniel has got fame most importantly in the year of 2017 due to the release of his new debut named Gummo. The song was crafted on the billboard 100 at the number 12. He is also the certified platinum by the organization named RIAA. In the mid of 2018, Daniel released his mixtape debut, which was then appeared on the billboard 200 collection at the number 4. He earned his first best 10 sections on the hot 100 billboards with Fefe, highlighting the Murda Beatz and Nicki Minaj, that was topped at number 3.

6ix9ine’s Biography

Daniel was born on 8th May 1996. He is also the youngest rapper who has got that much value for his rapping, that some of the rappers still didn’t even get yet. Also, he was born in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Her mother was Mexican and his father was Puerto Rican. His mental development was raised by both his father and mother. But after the 13 years, he grew up along with his brother.

Daniel was expelled out from the school in the 8th grade, and after than he did not study further. After expelling out from the school he diverted his mind towards the song composing, singing, and rapping.

He was keenly interested in rapping at that time too. He started to introduce his rapping songs from 2014. introduced multiple tracks and raps with aggressive styles. The name of those tracks and songs are as under.

1- Yokai

2- ScumLife

3- Hellsing Station

Many other songs were also released. He also introduced some songs based on the best rapping which was labeled by the FCK THEM company in Slovenia. He got the great fame due to his styling too, he used to dye his hairs with multiple rainbow colors. And have tattooed his face too with some numbers. Immediately, after some time he became the fellow associate of the Zillakami. Who was based in New York? Both fellas have got clashed between each other and Zillakami also stole his songs and instruments that they both have made together in a long period of time.

His Career

At the very start, Daniel was too young and his father was killed by someone. To support his mother. We are dicussing 6ix9ine Net Worth in this post. He sold out all of his song and Marijuana to earn a handsome money. He wanted to become financially strong with his family. Afterward, he became a famous personality on Twitter and Instagram when he started appeared on his YouTube. And other social media accounts as in the getup of rainbow hair and with the tattoo of the two numbers 69 artistically was drawn on his face. To get the popularity, he did all the stuff and this is what the things that became the cause of his aim to be fulfilled.

Daniel Hernandez has got the significant number of views on his recent 2017’s debut named POLES1469. That was the main cause of his popularity and raised in 6ix9ine Net Worth.

Lawful and Legitimate Issues

Daniel has always been noted for his criminal conduct, and in 2015, he confessed for  a

13-year-old young girl in a sexual execution. For this reason, Daniel was accused of 3 checks for the offense. This incident took place on 15th Feb, 2015. After the sexual contact with the young lady, he distributed his sexual video all over the internet. He posted another 2 videos. These issues become hurdles towards 6ix9ine Net Worth.

In the first video, the young child was engaged in an oral sex with the daniel’s partner named Taquan Anderson and Daniel was standing at the opposite side, showing his pelvis and was making himself charged. At the same time, he was also smacking the young girl ’s buttocks. Further, the girl was completely nude in the video.

In the other video, both Anderson and Daniel were pooping the breasts of the young girl and the child was nakedly sitting on the lap of Anderson.

6ix9ine daughter

Teka$hi 6ix9ine has one daughter, whom he shares with a former girlfriend. The rapper once featured her on his Instagram story during one of her birthday parties

Success Story

Afterward, in Nov 2017, Daniel stated that he was not involved in any sort of sexual stuff. The videos were all dramatized to make bad propaganda against him. Daniel also claimed that he was of 17 years old at that time and how he could have done that in this age. In spite of the fact that the birth date was recorded in the grumbling against him and at that time his age was 18 years.

Daniel also used to post sexually explicit and the violent images of girls or children to the social media. But, after some time, the police refrained him to do so and they issued him the legal notice for not committing the crime again till the 2 years. If he does so, they will give him the 3 years probation.

Furthermore, prior to his sexual wrongdoing accusations, Daniel was served with imprisonment for the sale of heroin stuff and assault.

6ix9ine Net Worth

The net worth of 6ix9ine is about $4 million annually. His net worth is increased due to the fans he got in the past few years. When he launched the Gummo song, the people were excitingly playing the song again and again in the public too.

He stated in one of his twitter or instant post that he has signed a check of about $7.5 million recently in 2017. After a month, he claimed that he has signed a deal with the BirdMan’s Rich Gang company of about $15 million in 2018. Again after one or two months in 2018, he said in one of the accounts that he has signed a check of $4 million in advertisements to countersign a telephone company. But, according to the business insiders, they stated that all these deals are not real and this type of deals even don’t exist.