7 Creative Tips To Make An Memorable Travel Video 

While traveling, you may get so many experiences but making a collection of these experiences is an art that you have to learn. Before traveling it’s necessary to learn some travel tips to make your travel journey amazing.

So if you are planning to make an impeccable travel video that will be memorable, then you need to learn some steps before starting the trip. Anyone can make a travel video with just a camera, but there is a difference between making and creating a creative travel video. If you want to make a creative travel video, we have mentioned some tips that you have to follow. The tips do not have some heavy knowledge, and it just has simple things that, more often, we forget while making a video. 

Once you understand the requirement and know some shooting techniques, you can make the best video. So let’s follow the tips below and create the best video. 

  • Watch before you create 

The best way to make a memorable video is to watch what you will create. As there are so many travel videos available on the internet, some are considered the best and some of them the worst. You should watch both of them. By watching the best videos, you will get an idea like how to get the perfect shot, how to hold an audience for long, and many other things which are hard to understand. Moreover, with the worst videos, you will get to know what you have not to do while making a travel video. 

Before starting anything, researching about that thing is most important. Moreover, this research part will work as a catalyst for you, and you will get an idea about how to start and make the best one. 

  • Planning is the key 

Planning is the key factor in any task. If you are doing anything without making a solid plan, it is hard to get the best results. While making a travel video, you should plan all the things from start to end. Shooting a travel video on your own is not an easy task; you have to remember in which order you have to shoot the scenes. Furthermore, if you want to shoot on Holiday destinations and if there is a need for permission for that location, you also have to do all these things earlier, which is why planning is the key if you want to make the best travel video. 

It would help if you had all the planning, from selecting the location to getting a perfect shot. Without planning, it is hard to implement all these things in order. Often people forget to plan and start their journey, which is not a good idea. Indeed, you can travel without planning, but it may affect video shooting because you have to do proper planning to shoot the best video. 

  • Understanding of technicalities 

To make a fantastic video, you should understand all technicalities. It doesn’t matter whether you have the latest gear or not; if you know shooting techniques and know equipment usage, then only you can make the best travel video. Instead of focusing on pricey machinery, you should focus on shooting techniques. 

During the outdoor shot, you should know the framing, rule of thirds, depth of field, and many other techniques that will help you get the perfect shot. In an outdoor shoot, light plays a very important role, and it is very important to know all the technicalities and knowledge on how to shoot in low and high light.

  • Diverse shots 

If you want to make your video creative and engaging, you must diversify your shots. Shoot from different angles and using different techniques, from moving vehicles, warm eyes view, etc. Let’s suppose you have visited a place that has a beautiful ceiling. You can capture this by wrapping the camera strap around your neck, tilting the camera upward, start spinning your body slowly to get the and you will get the best motion shot. Diverse shots will help to make your video more creative. If you are visiting a village, you should take a close shot. 

  • Connect all clips in a meaningful way 

This is one of the most time consuming and challenging tasks in the travel video; putting all the shots or clips randomly is easy, and it can be a good travel video, but if you are planning to make a great travel video that will stand out from the rest of the other then your video must have a meaning or a story behind it. 

Indeed you can make a good video by stitching all the clips together, but if your video has a certain sequence, it will look better, and people would love to watch it. 

  • Editing techniques 

Just recording a video would not make it attractive and memorable. You have to do Editing after the completion of shooting. Editing is a very important aspect of making any travel video. 

You can use a video editing tool to do all the editing tasks. These tools comes with all the necessary functions.with the tool it’s easy to cut or trim your videos and align it meaningfully also adding effect, adjust the light video editing tool ting tone of the video and adding music to your video is quite helpful, which will make it more attractive, and people would love to watch it. 

  • Export properly 

Last and one of the important tips that you should follow is to export video properly with high quality and with the same settings, many with small ignorance, the whole effort gets ruined. Suppose you have shot all your footage in 25fps; then, while editing, you should set your sequence in 25fps and export it in 25fps in ProRes format. 

The best way to upload video in high quality on any platform is to don’t compromise the quality of your video; let the platform do this. Make sure that while uploading the video, it is not in the MP4 format because after upload, this will get more compromised, and your video quality will get down. 

Final words 

Anyone can make a travel video, but to make a creative travel video that will be memorable, you have to follow certain steps and techniques. Even if you have high-quality or pricey equipment, it is hard to get the perfect shot if you don’t know the technique. Sometimes the weather conditions get bad, and it is very hard to shoot. Still, you can cope with the situation if you have shooting skills. While making a travel video, rather than focusing on the equipment, you should focus on the skills; only you can make a memorable travel video. 


Experts believe that travel videos are the most challenging to edit. Viewers expect to see spectacular scenes in a travel film, and a terrible edit may swiftly ruin everything. If the travel films are engaging, people will watch them. A video with no conversation, music, or editing may appear flat and unappealing. Hope the above tips help you in making the best travel videos.