7 Must-Have Features in Your Time Tracking Solution

Tracking productivity and managing projects seamlessly are two major issues for every organization. However, they are often the most ignores aspects. Most businesses struggle to get these aspects right and wonder what can be done. For this, they need a tool that can help them identify potential bottlenecks, track productivity, generate reports, and keep a tab on project status. For the same many organizations are stressing on the use of time tracking software

The use of these solutions is not limited to integrating with online invoice payment software. You can capture any information that is needed and generate reports for the same. Besides, you can also do a self-analysis, work out a few habits or two and become a better version of yourself. 

Thus, time trackers are becoming a part of businesses big and small. Be it middle management or a fresher, everyone can use it with ease. So, take out time and use it to your maximum advantage. Skim through information or do an in-depth analysis, you can do both and stay miles ahead of your competitors.

1. Track Every Minute 

With time tracking software, you get an account for each minute. This level of flexibility and in-depth analysis will help you define better project strategies and eliminate idle time. Thus, helping you monitor business hours spent by every employee. Also, when employees stay in the know-how of their time spent, they are more likely to work with 2x efficiency and use the extra time to upskill.

2. Measure Performance

Improved performance is a sign of high productivity. It is very difficult to track key indicators manually. Luckily, time tracking solutions let you track engagement levels on each project, take screenshots as and when needed, and track the location of workers.

3. Smooth Budget Tracking

Budgets, when planned, can be extremely useful for project success. There is no point in continuing a project that does not get any ROI for your organization. 

Time tracking software can help you plan the right budgets when integrated with the right project management modules. You can easily check how money flows in every project using these tools and make informed decisions.

4. Get Access to Timesheets

Keeping track of every penny is important when you are running your business. Timesheets let you analyze the productive hours of individuals and teams – be it in-house or a freelancer. You can also choose to reward your employees who are committed and deliver on timelines every time. View all your timesheets in a single glance to get hold of the bigger picture.

5. Allot Shifts

When you can align with your team’s peak productive hours, then only can you build a business that is growth-oriented and sustainable. The same is the case when scheduling shifts. Most ogranizations struggle to manage shifts. But, no more with time tracking software. It will keep you updated at all times and plan projects better.

6. All-Time High Productivity

If you need to optimize business processes, your team needs to stay productive and in sync with organizational goals. Doing this is equally important as tracking project timelines. Luckily, you can do it with a single dashboard and get hold of the hours your team has worked on a project. This will help you calculate the effective hours with ease and support your teams better.

7. Reporting and Analytics 

Real-time reports have the power to optimize your business for the future. Check on your teams with real-time data offered by time tracking solutions and get access to team-wise and individual reports. This will further help you plan your future course of business and ensure that your decisions are accurate. 

All you need to do is choose the right set of tools and see your business flourish. The good thing is that you can integrate your time tracking solution with online invoice payment software and other apps to boost overall efforts and automate core processes. 

Wrapping Up

So, next time you pick up a time tracking software make sure it has all these attributes. It will be helpful in taking care of accounts, making invoices, and managing other operations with your online invoice payment software. Go ahead, own your time and scale your business with utmost ease.