About Dwayne Johnson Networth

About Dwayne Johnson Networth


Dwayne Douglas Johnson, California born actor and wrestler has made a very outstanding impression. Dwayne Johnson Networth both in the sporting world and the movies industry. He is arguably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, bagging home numerous wrestling titles.

As much as we enjoy watching him wrestle on stage as ‘’The Rock’’ and thought his career  best suited for wrestling. Dwayne Johnson Networth has take the acting world by storm with the extraordinary competence he displays each time he graces the stage.

Biography Dwayne Johnson Networth

Most of Dwayne’s life achievement can be to have been determined from birth because of his father Rocky Johnson a professional wrestler at the time he born. With a grandfather who also a professional wrestler at his prime.

The grandmother didn’t miss out on the family’s profession as she also known as an ardent wrestling promoter.

The young Dwayne at the time, made the best out of his college education as he professed his love for football, taking home a national championship with his team from the University of Miami. When he miss out on his opportunity to continue his footballing career due to an injury that sidelined him in 1991. He decided to fall back to the family business in 1995.

Building a Career

Dwayne started practicing for professional wrestling after a little resistance from family members which was not enough to stop him.

Later on, his family backed up his training and his Father took it as his priority to see that the son made the best out of his wrestling career with the strict and authoritative training sections that he implemented on him.

Dwayne made his debut with a The Brooklyn Brawler, in a house show. He able to defeat the Brooklyn Brawler at the time, but that not good enough to get him past his next two opponents who dealt with him mercilessly.

Certainly, Dwayne did not lose hope due to the defeat he faced at both wrestlers hand, he so beloved in himself to overcome his next challenge. He later had the opportunity to get other matches with some prominent wrestler at the time and didn’t blow away the opportunity of making a name for himself in the wrestling world.

In summer of 1996, after he had won the world tag team championship, he decided to sign a contract that would see him fight in the World Wrestling Federation [WWF].

At this point he need a morerigorous training than that which his dad was offering, so he had to go under the wings of Tom Prichard, alongside Achim Albrecht and Mark Henry to get a better of training that would enable him to excel in the WWF.

Wrestling Career Dwayne Johnson Networth

Certainly, everyone wants a special debut, one that would leave a lasting impression on fans. This drove Dwayne to make his debut with a stage name that comprised of his father and grandfathers name ‘’Rocky Maivia’’. On November 4th 1996, Dwayne was set to leave a legacy that the WWF world would never forget. In his debut match which was a survivor series, Dwayne was able to stand as the sole survivor after eliminating Crush and Goldust single-handedly although that didn’t give him many fans but he had already made his mark on the wrestling world. He claimed his first major championship belt which was the intercontinental championship belt from Hunter Hearst Helmsley [triple H] on February 13, 1997.

Although Maivia, as he known back then, could not retain the belt for long and lost it to Owen Hart on April 28, 1997, which make a lot of fans hate him chanting ‘’die Rocky” as he lost the match.

He came back in August that same year in a nation of domination stable with a new stage name ‘’The Rock’’. In a quest to regain the lost intercontinental championship belt he went through numerous hard work and loses becoming more arrogant along the way.

This led to a lot of feud among most of his companions but later regained the title on May 31, 1998, after defeating the leader of the nation of domination Farooq to become the new leader.

Work Experience Dwayne Johnson Networth

Wrestling took him on a very long and amazing thrill with lots of records and belts attached to his name he decided to battle Austin a long-time rival before quitting to focus on his newly established holly wood career.

Dwayne successful in attaining these feet but was attacked the next day by Goldberg and defeated.

This is his last history with WWF before he leave to focus on his Hollywood career. But that wasn’t his final goodbye, he came back in 2003 to battle in the ring again and has ever since been coming back for one or two fights every now and then due to his love for the sport.


It didn’t take much for him to excel in the movie industry with a lot of fans already. He spectacular actor and grew very fast in the industry. He made his first appearance on Star Trek: Voyager acting like a wrestler in the year 2000.

Ever since he has grown to become one of holly woods biggest actors.

Some of his popular movies include fast and furious, skyscraper, Jumanji, Hercules, central intelligence and lots more. He mainly features in action and comedymovies.


Dwayne Johnson got marry to Deny Garcia in 1997 and gave birth to a daughter Simone Alexandra, but  divorced 10 years later.

He is currently in a relationship with Lauren Hashian who also gave birth to a daughter Jasmine Lia and in 2015 also welcomed another daughter Tiana Gia.

Dwayne Johnson’s Net worth

Dwayne Johnson is currently among the world’s top 100 most influential people, with a lot of records and awards to his name, it’s certain that Dwayne is among the top richest celebrities in the world.

As of 2017, his net worth estimate to be around$320 million.

His 2018 net worth is currently estimate to be over $320 million dollars growing by over $30 million in just a year.