Affordable and Ideal Storage Brighton Services near Me

Located just outside London’s south coast, Brighton is a seaside resort famous for its breathtaking views. Hundreds of tourists visit Brighton to have a good time and bask in nature’s beauty every year. The people of Brighton are welcoming and friendly, the general population is educated and belongs to a working class. 

Even though Brighton is a small city, it has all the facilities needed to live a happy life. With the city’s urbanization, many new businesses started their services in Brighton, including storage Brighton companies. 

Self-storage companies rent out space to people who require extra storage space. People rent out storage units for a number of reasons, some want to store extra or unused items. Some people rent out storage units to transfer all their extra domestic stuff in it and move into smaller apartments. Storage units are effective in increasing storage space on a budget. It is a quick fix that can solve all your storage woes. 

Australian customers seeking quality self-storage facilities with features like climate-controlled units, 24/7 CCTV monitoring and online rental payment options can learn more about Storage X locations by visiting and comparing rooms, availability and pricing by area.

Locating a reliable storage company in Brighton can be a tough task, there are so many things that can go wrong if you choose a storage company that provides subpar storage service. Price is not the only thing you should focus on while choosing a storage unit for your stuff, there are some important factors you should take under consideration too. 

Looking for a reliable yet affordable storage facility can be time-consuming and tiring. Your prayers are answered as we have compiled a list of reliable storage Brighton companies for your assistance. Now no need to browse the internet for hours or go physically to storage facilities to gather information. Just go through our list below and choose your perfect storage match. 

Britannia Beckwith Storage

Britannia Beckwith storage is a well-known name in Brighton. They offer customized storage solutions for all kinds of requirements, you can even rent a large 400sqft storage warehouse from this company. They offer various storage unit sizes, storage pods, archive storage, as well as mobile storage solutions. 

This is a great option for people residing in or around Brighton as their prices are quite low. Britannia Beckwith Storage Company not only offers storage services, but also offer a number of value-added services to make your life easy. You can get your van rental and packing material from them as well. Britannia Beckwith also specializes in removal services if you are looking for a reliable removal company. 

You can talk to their customer representative if you have any specific storage requirements. They can also customize a tailored storage package for commercial and business storage. 

Big Yellow Self-Storage

Big yellow self-storage is a well-established storage company in London. It is one of the major storage providing businesses with around 104 storage locations scattered throughout London. If you are looking for a storage unit with high-level security, this is your best option to go forward.

They offer 24 hours CCTV surveillance, a purpose-built storage facility that is guarded from entry and exit points. Only you can access your storage unit with a unique PIN Code. Big Yellow self-storage Company has to market competitive prices, which means they are affordable for everyone in Brighton! 

Storage units at Big Yellow are considered to be very safe as their storage units have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers installed. It is one of the safest storage providers in Brighton.


STORED is another reliable storage facility that we highly recommend. STORED is an all-inclusive storage company with door-to-door service. Are you short on time and have no one to help you out in packing and carrying all the storage boxes? STORED will do all the work for you. 

They collect, store and return your belongings with exceptional care and professionalism. 

STORED also claims to offer the lowest price in the market, promotional discounts, and low-cost packages for everyone! If you are a student looking for a cheap storage unit for a couple of months, STORED will gladly cater to all your needs. You save money and time while they do all the work for you. 

Moreover, STORED also offers a standard liability insurance cover for all their tenants. No matter what storage unit size you may choose, you get a stress-free storage experience. 

Henfield Storage 

Henfield is the UK’s most trusted storage facility with excellent customer support. You can book their services right from the website and schedule a pickup time at your convenience. They offer free van rentals if you book them for at least three months. Henfield storage facility is located just opposite Asda in Hollingbury, Brighton. 

Henfield also offers occasional discounts and promotional offers, so keep an eye out for any upcoming deals. You can check out their website or subscribe to their newsletter to get an early bird discount as well. 

Just like so many other storage facilities in Brighton, Henfield also offers free pick-up and return of your items. This service is great for people who are under time constraints and want to get their belongings stored away urgently. 

GB Liners Self-Storage

GB Liners self-storage is perfect for people who are looking for an accessible storage facility near a residential area. Their storage facility is situated just 300m from Brighton Train Station, which means it is towards the city’s center. People tend to favor storage facilities near residential areas rather than those situated on the outskirts of the city. 

With GB Liners you can rent out storage units of any size, they have a huge selection of storage units ranging from tiny 10 sq ft all the way up to 400sqft and more. You can also rent out storage lockers and pods if you want to store some important documents. 

GB Liners offers affordable storage Brighton at reasonable prices. Apart from the top-notch storage service, they also offer a great selection of packing material, including boxes, padlocks, bubble wraps, and shrink-wraps.