Who is Andre the Giant’s Wife?

Andre the Giant was a really big and famous wrestler. People called him “The Eighth Wonder of the World” because he was so huge, standing at 7 feet 4 inches and weighing over 500 pounds. Outside the wrestling ring, he had a private life. At the center of his private life was Andre the Giant’s wife, Jean Christensen. She was an important part of his life and fans were interested in the person behind the wrestling superstar.

Andre the Giant's Wife
Andre the Giant– Height: 7 ft 4 in, 500+ lbs
Jean Christensen– Height: 6 ft 5 in, met Andre in 1970s
– Daughter: Robin, born in 1979
Marriage Details– Possibly married in Canada in 1974
Daughter’s Birth– Robin’s birth: 1979, paternity confirmed
Legal Proceedings– Jean filed for child support, approved
Later Years– Marriage details ambiguous, distant later
– Andre named Robin sole inheritor, 1993
– Jean passed away in 2008
Jean’s Life Outside– Worked in PR, valued privacy
Legacy– Andre iconic in wrestling post-death
Andre the Giant And his Personal Details

Story of Andre the Giant’s Wife Jean Christensen

Andre the Giant's Wife

Jean Christensen met Andre the Giant in the early 1970s while working in public relations for wrestling events. They began dating around 1972-1973, and there are suggestions that they got married secretly in Canada in 1974. However, they didn’t officially register their marriage.

Andre the Giant’s Wife & His Daughter Robin Christensen

After being together for a few years, Jean and Andre had a daughter named Robin Christensen (now Robin Christensen-Roussimoff) in 1979. At first, Andre didn’t accept Robin as his biological daughter until paternity tests proved he was her father.

Because of Andre’s busy wrestling schedule, he was often away from home for long periods. This made it hard for him to spend much time with Jean and Robin. In fact, according to many reports, Andre only got to see his daughter about five times during her childhood.

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Andre the Giant And his Wife Jean Christensen Marital Conflicts

Andre and Jean had a tough relationship over time. Jean asked the court for child support, and she got over $1000 per month. It’s not clear if they officially got married. As Andre got older, they separated.

At the time of his death in 1993, Andrè the Giant’s net worth was estimated to be between $5 million to $10 million. When Andre died, he left everything to his beloved daughter Robin. Jean passed away in 2008.

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Andre the Giant’s Wife Personal Life

Even though Jean became famous as Andre the Giant’s wife, she had a life of her own. She was born on August 15, 1949, in the United States and worked as a model and in public relations for wrestling events in the 1970s.

Andre the Giant's Wife

Jean was a tall woman, standing at 6 feet 5 inches, with brown eyes and brown hair. Her height matched well with her husband, Andre, who was famous for being extraordinarily tall.

We don’t know much about her family, education, or early life because she kept those details private. After her relationship with Andre ended, Jean chose to stay away from the public eye and valued her privacy.

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The Legacy of Andre The Giant and Jean Christensen

Even though Andre the Giant passed away over 20 years ago, he is still remembered as a wrestling icon with his huge size and interesting personality.

Jean, as Andre the Giant’s wife and the mother of his only child, played an important role in his private life. Despite their challenging relationship, their connection is a important part of Andre’s family story.

People are still interested in Jean because of her link to the legendary wrestler. While we don’t know much about her personal life, her connection to Andre makes sure that her legacy continues in the world of wrestling.

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Summarizing Andre the Giant And his Wife Jean Christensen Story

Jean Christensen was Andre the Giant’s wife for a long time, and they had a daughter named Robin. Their marriage had challenges, but Robin is Andre’s only child.

Jean worked as a public relations agent and model, having her own career apart from her famous husband. While she valued her privacy later on, people are still curious about her connection to Andre and her role in his personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how did Andre and Jean meet?

They met in the early 1970s when Jean was working in public relations for wrestling promotions.

Who is Andre the Giant’s wife?

Jean Christensen was Andre the Giant’s wife.

Did Andre and Jean have any children?

Yes, they had a daughter named Robin Christensen, born in 1979. Andre initially denied paternity until tests confirmed he was the father

What was Andre and Jean’s relationship like?

Their relationship was difficult and strained. Andre’s wrestling schedule kept him away from home often, and he only saw his daughter about five times during her childhood. At one point, Jean filed a court case demanding child support payments

Were Andre and Jean officially married?

Some reports claim they married privately in Canada in 1974 but never officially registered their marriage. The exact status of their relationship over the years remains unclear.

What happened when Andre died in 1993?

When Andre died, he named his daughter Robin as the sole inheritor of his estate. Jean passed away in 2008.

What is known about Jean’s background and personal life?

Very little is publicly known about Jean’s early life, family, education, career, etc. She valued her privacy outside of her famous partner Andre.