Baby Akira

An album called “Tell Me Baby” by Akira Freeze, a soul/boogie artist from Daytona Beach, Florida. This does not seem to be related to a baby.

A Reddit post asking for tips about a new Rottweiler puppy named Akira. This refers to a dog rather than a human baby.

A GoGetFunding campaign for a premature baby girl named Akira fighting for her life. This provides some background but limited details about this specific baby.

Who is Akira Freeze and What is their music about?

Akira Freeze is a soul/boogie artist from Daytona Beach, Florida who released a 7″ vinyl single called “Tell Me Baby” in 1984.Key details about Akira Freeze and their music:

  • Akira Freeze is the performing name of an obscure soul/boogie artist based in Daytona Beach, Florida
  • In 1984, they released a 7″ vinyl single called “Tell Me Baby” on the label Athens of the North.
  • The single contains two songs: “Tell Me Baby” and “I Remember”. Both are described as having “big vibes” and a soul/boogie sound.
  • The songs were written 40 years ago (in the 1980s) but were just released recently in 2020.
  • The lyrics and themes of the songs are not provided, but the title “Tell Me Baby” suggests it may be about longing and asking a romantic partner for information or connection.

What genre of music does Akira Freeze Produce?

Akira Freeze produces soul and boogie music. Specifically:

  • Akira Freeze’s genre is “Soul/Funk”.
  • The genre is “Funk / Soul” and the style is “Funk”.
  • The song “Tell Me Baby” is “wicked, infectious, mid-tempo house music”, though this seems to describe the style of that particular song rather than Akira Freeze’s overall musical genre.
  • The song is “soul/boogie” and says it’s a “New soul/boogie discovery out Daytona Beach, Florida.”

What is the most popular song by Akira Freeze?

The most popular song by Akira Freeze is “Tell Me Baby”.Evidence:

“Tell Me Baby” but does not have a page for “I Remember”, indicating “Tell Me Baby” is more popular.

” single containing “Tell Me Baby” and “I Remember” is titled simply “Tell Me” after the more popular song

“Akira Freeze – Tell Me Baby” and has over 1,900 views, while which features “I Remember” only has around 140 views.

So across multiple music platforms, “Tell Me Baby” consistently appears more popular and visible than “I Remember”. Therefore, based on the available data in these search results, “Tell Me Baby” seems to be the most popular song released by Akira Freeze.

baby akira

In summary, there is no clear consistent information about a single baby named Akira across these sources. The most specific reference is to the premature baby girl Akira in the GoGetFunding campaign, but details about her are limited. The other sources refer to either an album, a puppy, or a baby journal product rather than a specific human baby with that name. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!