Barry Corbin Net Worth

Barry Corbin Net Worth

Let us talk about Barry Corbin Net Worth.  Barry Corbin is an American celebrity actor whose full name is Leonard Barrie Corbin. This 77-year-old actor has worked in more than 100 films and TV serials. Now we will talk about his personal life and his net worth:

Early life and Educational Information:

 This famous actor was born on October 16, 1940, in the West Texas town of South Lubbock, America. Her mother was a teacher, judge, and leader of a political party of Texas State Senate. Corbin’s mother names her son with the name of a famous Nobel laureate writer. The author’s name was J. M. Barrie and from there, the name of Barry has been kept. During the eighth grade, he was joined with the football team. Then he started drawing and joined with acting from leaving football team He graduated from Monterey High School. He then admitted in Texas Tech University and as well worked with an Art Theater. He joined United States Marine Corps at the age of 21; he worked for two years and returned to Tech again.


He first started acting as a Shakespearean actor in 1960. However, he currently likes to play the role of local Sheriff. He also liked to play the role of army commander and villain. He is more popular as General Beringer to the movie director. Because of he played the role of General Beringer in the WarGames films. In the role of John Travolta’s uncle in the Urban Cowboy film, he earned a great reputation.

From 1979 to 1984, he played Sheriff Fenton Washburn in several serial of the Dallas TV channel. After several days he starred in Mary Carson’s stockman Pete. From 1983-1984, Corbin played the role of Merit Sawyer in the NBC TV Channel’s Boone drama. He played the role in this serial of the scathing father of junior actor Tom Byrd.

From 1990 to 1995, Corbin plays a fictional role of a former astronaut and local business leader at Northern Exposure in CBS’s comedy serial. The character name was Maurice Minnifield. The drama was so popular and he won the Emmy Award for acting this serial. And the drama was 110 episodes in 5 years, and this serial won 57 rewards. Then from 1997 to 2007, Corbin played in a series of TBS episodes. He acted in a documentary-based film about the incident of the 1960s. From 2003 to 2008, he plays a role as a Basket Ball Coach in the film “One Tree Hill” as Whitey Durham on the WB TV Channel’s famous serial.

He also starred in the 2008 Oscar winning movie No Country for Old Men. Because of the alopecia areata, Corbin became bald after losing all the hair in his head in 1990. From then on, he wore fake hair in different occasions for acting. Then he gradually reduced the work in the film and get involved in the radio station. He used his voice in different drama or in the movie trailer. In 2014, the Texas Veterans Land Board was appointed him as the spokesman. Name of some of his famous movies: The Urban Cowboy, Any Which Way You Can, The Man Who Loved Women, My Science Project, Ghost Dad etc…

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Personal life

Prior to the retirement, Corbin won many horse races. He often rides the horse at his leisure. From there he had gathered this experience. He was the volunteer of the race in horse racing.

He is currently living in the farmhouse with his daughter. There are his grandchildren. Corbin also has three sons.  In 2009, Corbin joined a museum that is called Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. Some pictures of his paintings are selected for the show in here. In 2011, Corbin was given a lifetime award on behalf of the Estes Park Film Festival. Since 2014, she has been working with the Film Industry of Texas Film Hall of Fame.

Barry Corbin Net Worth: 

A 77-year-old American actor Barry Corbin Net worth 4$ million. In addition to the movie- or TV series, he has several income sources. He is currently one of the most popular video game makers. He is earning a lot of money from a video game. Apart from this, he is currently involved in many works including the film industry. Barry Corbin Net Worth is not too much as his career got peak.

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Barry Corbin in Social Media  

Most actors and actress of the twentieth century are not very interested in the current social media. None of them are seen to be using Facebook or Twitter at all. Although, a little number of actors used Twitter. Similarly, Corbin used Twitter only.  But there he is not regular. But there is a website in his own name.

Amusing information about Barry Corbin:

  • Her family first came to the United States from Virginia and they were in the farmer family. In a local war in Virginia, they lost all their things. Then his grandfather started coming to America.
  • Corbin’s father Kilmer Blaine Corbin was from farmer family, but he continued to study and became a great lawyer.
  • At just six years of age, Corbin showed his first performance in playing the piano in a church. At the same time, he expressed his desire to become an actor in his parents.
  • He said, I wanted to be a hero, but I had to play different roles at different times. Even, sometimes I had to play a role as a killer. He wanted to be like Walter Brennan and Ben Johnson.
  • Without literature and history, he did not like any other subject. That is why he doesn’t want to go to school.
  • Currently, he is a popular video game maker. He has more than 100 popular games.

Barry Corbin has been successful in all fields as an actor. He played till the award-winning movie. He was interested in some topics since his school days. It is understood to look at its bio-data. He first started playing football, from there he gained competence in many other matters, including dance, horse riding, acting, drawing competition. His painted picture was found in the exhibition at the museum. He still does not stop. Currently working in the radio station and the film industry I hope his life will more lengthening.