Best Places to Retire for People Who Love Skiing

Retirement is time to lay some of the biggest plans of your life, so it’s important to pick an area that you’ll love to live for years on end without a job to keep you busy.

Of course, keeping active helps ensure that you’ll have a better quality of life and that you’ll live longer, yet when it comes to picking a ski resort, it cannot be easy! 

Nevertheless, these are the top choices Canada has to offer.

Why Ski in Retirement?

Skiing in retirement may seem like an extreme sport to take on, but not every slope is hazardous; multiple types of difficulty and styles can allow skiing to be safe for someone of any ability and skill level.

In addition, skiing is great to keep your mind active and engages your entire body so that you can keep your balance and continue pushing forward.  As long as your heart is healthy and you’re dressed for the weather, this is a fantastic way to keep your body moving forward and continue challenging yourself after retirement.

Lake Louise, AB

Lake Louise, tucked inside Banff National Park, is a gorgeous resort that offers the chance to ski any slope or distance you want.  These stunning mountains provide breathtaking views while you exercise and allow athletes to push themselves as they continue to get better at the sport.  

Lake Louise transforms into a lush green mountainside with plenty of watersports and trails to hike in the summer.  This allows you to stay active year-round!  In the off-season, the mountains are quieter, and living here means you get to enjoy the serene beauty the area offers. 

Whistler, BC

When you say skiing, the first place many peoples’ minds go to is Whistler.  This fantastic resort has hosted Olympic athletes and is an awesome place to retire for any skiing fan.  Although real estate for sale in Whistler can be pricey, this price won’t hold you back from enjoying your golden years if you plan your retirement carefully.

Countless slopes each have different difficulties and views, and if you ever want to slip away from the snow and ice, you’re just an hour’s drive away from Vancouver!

Mont Tremblant, QC

If you’re up to more challenging slopes, it’s time to consider Mont Tremblant!  Top athletes train here for countless events, allowing you to meet and get to know the greats while you live here.

It can be exciting to spend your retirement getting better at skiing while also getting to rub elbows with some world-famous pros.  The challenging slopes are worth it for all of the fun that can be had in this gorgeous mountain town.

Keeping Active in Retirement Ensures Better Quality of Life

If you want to live as long and as healthy as possible, you must keep active and continue to try challenging things.

Skiing is the perfect mix of physical and mental activity that will keep you smart and quick for as long as possible.  Although eventually, you may want to watch the athletes go: any of these resorts are great for anyone starting retirement.