Best time to visit Dubai


For many people, Dubai is an image of giant skyscrapers, golden sands, and all sorts of luxuries. It’s a city that blends old and new, charm and tradition. One moment you might be on top of the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world – and the next, the air smells of spice.

If you’re considering a vacation to this burgeoning destination – check out our guide to the best in Dubai – you should think about the best time to go. And we’ve done all the hard work for you, putting together the things you need to know, projecting the best weather for sunbathing, when you have fewer tourists.

Best time to visit Dubai

November to February is considered the best time to visit here and you can check the best offers by using the car rental app in dubai to schedule you trips within the city from one place to another places easily, as the temperatures are pleasant and the atmosphere buzzing with various events and activities from the Dubai Food and Shopping Festival to the World Dubai Cup.

November averages around 25 degrees Celsius, with a high of 30 degrees Celsius and a low of 19 degrees Celsius. This means it’s about to be the most magical time of the year, as well as the most exciting.

Temperatures are even cooler in February and completely pleasant with 24°C and 15°C minimum, making Dubai a popular destination for winter sunshine.

When is the peak tourist season in Dubai?

 This is when the temperatures are most pleasant but you can expect higher accommodation costs and more people at the main attractions of the city. High season, however, is perfect for beach lovers and anyone looking to get the most out of Dubai’s outdoor activities, from safaris in the desert to exploring the waters of Dubai Creek.

Dubai sees fewer tourists between June and August, as scorching temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius. However, hotels, malls, and restaurants still have plenty to offer. enjoy a place away from the sun, with maximum air conditioning. If you prefer a quiet getaway, a trip to Dubai outside of the high season is a good idea.

If you’re planning a half-year trip – in February, May, and October – expect higher prices. Complicated vacations are neither fun nor comfortable. However, you will always find great deals available to take advantage of.

November to February – Winter in Dubai

Spring is perfect for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities in and around the city. Warm temperatures guarantee an enjoyable experience in Dubai’s family-centric theme parks like IMG Worlds of Adventure or Dubai Parks and Resorts.

March to May – Spring in Dubai

Pleasant ocean temperatures and high sunlight make the months between March and May feel like spring, as we know it. Although you won’t see the flowers in bloom, since the city is on the edge of the desert, you can enjoy outdoor activities. At this time of year, the days start to get hotter and longer, as nighttime temperatures drop, so be sure to bring a light jacket for the evening.

June to August – Summer in Dubai

During the summer months, visitors to Dubai will experience an average of 10-12 hours of daylight and seek shade during prime times of the day, when temperatures are extremely hot. Activities are best held in the early morning and late evening and you will find many attractions quiet as summer is considered low season in Dubai.

September to October – Autumn in Dubai

Like spring, you can expect warm weather and sunny days when visiting Dubai in the fall. There’s still an average of about 10 hours of daylight to enjoy during these months, and the sea temperatures are pleasant too, so a day at the beach is definitely card-free.

 The average temperature in Dubai

Dubai enjoys warm temperatures year-round with an average maximum of 36 degrees Celsius in August, with the lowest average temperature (around 19 degrees Celsius) expected in January.

Best time to visit Dubai

You are a lover of the sea – April

With an average temperature of 26°C and an ocean temperature of 25°C, April is the ideal month for those who enjoy all things sun, sea, and surfing.

Do you like amusement parks – July – August

It may be the warmest time of the year, but Dubai’s theme parks and water parks are still a treat with air-conditioned attractions, water fun activities to cool off, and lots of fun. Shade. Plus, since you’ll be visiting during the low season, you can take advantage of the smaller rows, which is always a bonus!

 You want to see the sights – November

From the Burj Khalifa to the Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel, there are plenty of places to take a dip in Dubai. Travel in November and you’re warm – but not uncomfortable – temperatures revolve around the marina, take a dip or The Walk at JBR, a riverside strip lined with shops and restaurants, a delightful experience.

Discover what to do and where to go with our tour guide in Dubai or discover a different side of Dubai with our alternative guides that showcase cultural, health, and wellness attractions and the city’s best fashion.

You love to shop – January

Visit in January for the month-long Dubai Shopping Festival, where many malls and designer stores in and around the city offer discounts on items – much better than selling at home in January!

Can you go to Dubai during the month of Ramadan?

Yes, Dubai remains open and welcoming to visitors during Ramadan but it is important that you respect the event and the cultural expectations surrounding it. This means you can’t eat, drink or smoke in public – but hotel restaurants don’t usually apply this rule.

You might guess that most shops and cafes will be closed for the day, and Ramadan watchers will reopen around 7:30 a.m. when they’re out of work. It’s also important to note that some restaurants and bars may close or reopen during Ramadan – speak to our Dubai travel experts for more details.

Since the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle, the dates of Ramadan change every year. We recommend checking the dates before booking your trip.