Boost A New Instagram Account with Followers Gallery

Most new Instagram profiles appear bland due to a low follower base. Unless you are famous, it will take a long time before you have a sizeable following to make your feed interesting, with impressive reactions to your uploads.

Followers Gallery is the solution to this problem, as it will help you get free Instagram followers and likes fast. It is a legitimate tool that keeps its promises of delivering credible Instagram numbers. Read on to learn how to use it to boost the presence of a new Instagram profile.

Downloading Instagram images has become a popular activity for users who wish to save and preserve captivating moments shared on the platform. While Instagram does not offer a built-in feature for download images directly, there are various third-party tools and applications available that enable users to accomplish this task. These tools allow individuals to download their own pictures, as well as images shared by others, including their favorite celebrities, influencers, or photographers.

Start By Creating an Account

You should create a Followers Gallery account by visiting, its website. Peruse the site to get a hint of this tool’s functionality, which you can get from the blog section. Click on the sign-up key, which will redirect you to another page, where you need to provide details like your email and password. Confirm your email to start using this utility.

Get A Unique Username

You need a unique username to sell your profile to a wider audience on this social media platform. You can achieve this by using Followers Gallery’s Instagram username generator under the free tools section. You will key in keywords in the provided space and specify aspects like name length, and inclusion of numbers, figures and other names.

The tool will generate several username formats. Pick the most preferrable one. This tool is free and you can use it without signing in to your account.

Getting Followers and Likes

You need followers and likes for your profile to stand out. Followers Gallery presents you with two main ways of getting these Instagram numbers. You can get them for free or buy. Let us look at how you can go about it.

Free Followers and Likes

You will need coins to get more Instagram followers. You should download the app to get the freebies. Once you download the app, you will get some coins as a welcome gift. You get more tokens by taking on assignments from the task panel, such as following other Instagrammers and liking their posts.

You can also get the coins by sharing the app, daily sign-ins, participating in the lucky draw and buying them. Use the virtual currency to buy followers or likes.

Buying Followers and Likes

You buy followers and likes from Followers Gallery’s store. Check out the deals and select the best one. The deals are cost-friendly and attract excellent discounts. You get extra followers for purchases above 500 and discounts up to 40% for likes.

Alternatively, you can buy auto Instagram followers. For this option, you buy a package and you will be getting a specific number of followers each day, which is ideal if you want your number increase to feel organic.


Boosting a new Instagram account typically requires a long time, which can be tedious for many. Followers Gallery saves you from the wait by getting instant followers and likes. This article shows you how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes after creating a Followers Gallery account. Bid goodbye to the long wait courtesy of Followers Gallery.