Business Apps to Install on Your Devices

In this digitally-driven world, everyone needs a tool in form of a powerful app that can boost the efficiency of their business. These apps allow you to keep tabs on various things with no hassles, whatsoever. Whether you are working from home, office, or on the go, these apps make sure you can manage your business without encountering any challenges. 

Additionally, these apps save you a lot of money. In the olden days, companies had to hire extra staff to handle various aspects of business such as bookkeeping and writing down meeting minutes, however, thanks to the rapid growth in technology, now you can do all of it by simply installing the right apps.

A huge credit in this regard goes to the providers like Comcast since they play a major part in making the work of business owners significantly easier. The commendable speed it delivers allows you to use the apps mentioned below smoothly and you can also install them on your phone instantly. To find an internet plan suited to your business requirements, you can contact the customer support team of Comcast Xfinity en Español and talk to the sales team agent directly about the available packages, and that too in your native language. This way, you can start managing your business without wasting any time. 

Now that you are well-equipped as a business owner, let’s take a look at our list of business apps you should install on your devices. 

  1. CashBook 

As a beginner, who does not like to be intimated with numbers, CashBook can be a great app for you. It is super easy to get a hang of and keep track of your income and all the expenditures. The user interface of this app is pretty simple and its features are straightforward. 

CashBook allows you to keep updating the balance of your business. Moreover, you can easily keep a track of your cash flow with it. Every time a customer purchases something on credit, you can add their credit remark on CashBook to keep a record. 

This app can be a savior for those who find Excel sheets quite daunting. But CashBook can be used to export the data to your Google Sheets or Excel for advanced work. 

CashBook can be downloaded on Android devices for free. 

  1. SurveyMonkey

Businesses don’t quite work unless you devise their entire plan per what the target consumers need. To understand their need, you don’t have to play the guessing game or build a whole business based on assumptions, especially when you can use SurveyMonkey to ask them. 

This app allows you to create surveys to infer the in-demand products and services. You can also find out the engagement of consumers in your products. In addition to this, you can also extract anonymous but honest feedback from customers on different aspects of your business such as product, price, website, or any other thing. 

Start by creating surveys from any of the given templates. You can incorporate the logo of your business. Afterward, send out those surveys via social media websites or emails. Once done, you can review the results and start planning your business strategies around them. 

  1. Scanner App 

Scanner App is a great tool for individuals as well as business owners. It allows you to convert documents into scanned copies on the go. You can take pictures of any document and convert it into PDF or JPEG within a few seconds. 

What’s more, Scanner App enables you to take as many pictures as you want, simultaneously. It then gives you the option to combine them all in one document. You also have an option of adding a signature on scanned copies. 

Just FYI, the app is only available for iOS users, however, Android users can install its alternative CamScanner, which works the same way. 

  1. Evernote

Say goodbye to the traditional methods of writing down meeting minutes because Evernote lets you keep a record of your meetings or any other important event and that too with the ease of categorically storing the notes. In addition to this, you can also store and organize pictures and other important material in this app. 

Now your creative mind won’t have to look for pen and paper every time an idea strikes. Simply, pull up this app and jot down anything you want to keep a record of. 

The good news is, Evernote is compatible with all kinds of major devices; Android, and iOS. 

  1. LastPass 

As a business owner, the last thing you probably want is to get hacked only because you set easily guessable passwords for all the software and apps you signed up for. We cannot stress enough how important cyber security is, especially to any company that deals with valuable information from clients. 

If you are bad at creating difficult and long passwords, then leave it to LastPass in generating untraceable passwords. This adds an extra layer to your security since the app uses encryption to make sure your information cannot be stolen by anyone. 

Final Words

Managing a business can get quite hectic and overwhelming, however, if you have the right set of apps, then the job becomes quite easy. Therefore, check out the apps we have mentioned in this article and install them on your devices ASAP to smoothly manage all your business affairs.