Catherine Myrie: All there is to know about the Catherine family

Catherine Myrie

Born in the heart of the United States in 1977, Catherine Myrie’s journey began 46 years ago. While details of her early life, including her parents, siblings, and educational background, remain shrouded in a veil of privacy, her story is one of talent and determination. This lack of information only adds to the intrigue surrounding Catherine, a skilled upholsterer and furniture restorer who has made a significant mark in her field.

NameClive Myrie
Career HighlightsBBC journalist, presenter on BBC News, host of Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind
Notable CoverageAnchored BBC’s coverage of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
Recent ShowClive Myrie’s Italian Road Trip
FamilyInformation about his family life is not provided in the given text.

Catherine Myrie’s Craft

Catherine Myrie’s business is a reflection of her passion for breathing new life into old treasures. Specializing in the restoration of antique and vintage furniture, she employs traditional techniques and materials to revive the charm of each piece. Her notable projects include restoring chairs for prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House. Beyond her restoration work, Catherine also imparts her knowledge through restoration classes, sharing her skills with those eager to learn.

Catherine Myrie’s Personal Life

Catherine Myrie's Personal Life

Catherine’s personal life is as captivating as her professional one. She is married to Clive Augustus Myrie, a renowned British journalist. Their love story is nothing short of a fairy tale. They first crossed paths at the London launch of a book about Swiss cheeses in 1992, where Catherine was working in publishing. Their connection was instant, leading to six years of dating before they exchanged vows at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Covent Garden in 1998. As of 2024, they celebrate 26 years of marriage, a testament to their strong bond and mutual support.

Catherine Myrie in 2024

Fast forward to 2024, Catherine Myrie continues to be a source of inspiration. Her dedication to her craft and the love story she shares with Clive Myrie captivates the public. Despite being in the limelight, Catherine and Clive maintain a low profile, keeping their personal life away from the public eye. This discretion only adds to the public’s curiosity and admiration for the couple.

Influence in the United States

Catherine’s influence extends beyond the borders of her workshop. Her commitment to traditional craftsmanship and quality restoration work has made a significant impact in the United States. By preserving the beauty and history of antique furniture, she plays a vital role in maintaining cultural heritage.

Career and Achievements

Career and Achievements

The career of Catherine Myrie is marked by excellence and a deep understanding of her craft. Her achievements in furniture restoration are not just about the physical restoration of pieces; they are about preserving history and art for future generations. Her work speaks volumes about her expertise and her dedication to her profession.

Role in Preserving Cultural Heritage

A crucial aspect of Catherine Myrie’s work in furniture restoration is its contribution to preserving cultural heritage. By restoring antiques and vintage furniture, Catherine plays a pivotal role in maintaining the physical and aesthetic integrity of pieces that hold historical significance. Her work is not just a service but a preservation of history, allowing future generations to appreciate the craftsmanship of the past.

Low Profile Lifestyle

Despite her connection to a public figure, Catherine Myrie has successfully maintained a low-profile lifestyle, further intriguing the public. This discretion in personal matters, coupled with her unique career choice, has made her an intriguing figure. The public’s interest in Catherine is not just about her achievements but also about her approach to life, balancing a successful career with a private personal life.

Unique Career Path

Unique Career Path

Catherine’s journey to becoming a skilled upholsterer and furniture restorer is a narrative of passion meeting profession. Her choice of career is unique, especially in an age dominated by modern technology and mass production. By focusing on traditional restoration methods, Catherine stands out in her field, demonstrating a deep respect for the craft and its historical roots.

Decision on Parenthood

Another aspect of Catherine and Clive Myrie’s life that has caught public attention is their decision not to have children. This personal choice, influenced by the nature of Clive’s work and the travel it involves, highlights the couple’s mutual understanding and respect for each other’s professional commitments. This decision is a reflection of their strong partnership and shared values.

Personal Philosophy and Approach to Work

Catherine Myrie’s approach to her work reflects a philosophy that values quality, history, and artistry. She is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her commitment to using traditional methods and materials. This philosophy not only ensures the longevity and authenticity of the furniture she restores but also speaks to a broader ethos of respecting and preserving the past.

Impact Beyond Furniture Restoration

Impact Beyond Furniture Restoration

The impact of Catherine Myrie extends beyond the realm of furniture restoration. Her dedication to her craft and her success in a unique field serve as an inspiration to many, particularly women in entrepreneurship and traditional arts. She is a living example of how following one’s passion can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career.

Future of Catherine Myrie’s Craft

Looking to the future, Catherine Myrie’s craft faces both challenges and opportunities. As traditional crafts compete with modern manufacturing, her commitment to restoration and preservation becomes increasingly vital. The future of her craft relies not only on her continued dedication but also on the next generation of artisans whom she inspires and trains. Her legacy lies in her work and the knowledge she passes on, ensuring the survival and appreciation of furniture restoration for years to come.


What makes Catherine Myrie’s furniture restoration business unique?

Catherine’s business stands out for its focus on traditional techniques and materials, ensuring that each piece of furniture retains its historical and aesthetic value.

How did Catherine Myrie meet her husband, Clive Myrie?

They met at a book launch about Swiss cheeses in London in 1992, marking the beginning of their love story.

Does Catherine Myrie offer any classes or workshops?

Yes, Catherine extends her expertise through restoration classes, teaching others the art of furniture restoration.

What are some of Catherine Myrie’s notable restoration projects?

She has worked on projects for the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House, among others.

How long have Catherine and Clive Myrie been married?

As of 2024, they have been married for 25 years, celebrating a quarter-century of love and partnership.

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Catherine Myrie’s life and work represent a blend of skill, passion, and personal fulfillment. From her meticulous restoration projects to her enduring marriage with Clive Myrie, she embodies the essence of dedication and love. Her story continues to inspire and captivate, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of the furniture restoration world and beyond.