Check Out Our Best CBD Gift Ideas For New Moms

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Are you looking for gift ideas for a new mom? What could be better than gifting her a herb known to keep stress, anxiety, pain, and acne away? Yes, we are talking about the trendy cannabinoid CBD. After its legalization, it has revolutionized the health industry. Now you can find almost every type of CBD product. Some are perfect for new moms.

Several brands, such as CBDistillery, offer various products. The availability of infinite products often confuses the consumers about which one could help new moms. So, here are some gift ideas for new moms to give on this Mothers’ day.

CBD Gifts to New Moms

Kathy Sisson, a contributor on the official site of The Every mom, describes her experience with cannabidiol after she faced back pain while doing regular activities with her toddler. She experienced instant relief from CBD balm. It pushed her to learn more about it. So, she discussed it with Coco Meers, CEO of a brand founded by women for women, Equilibria.

Meer describes, “CBD helps me be a more present and even-tempered mom. I find I have a longer fuse when responding to tough conversations and stressful moments (bathtime, toddler tantrums, stressful drop-off!!). Instead of escalating when they’re pushing boundaries, I’m able to more calmly react and not get rattled.”

Like Meer and Sisson, every new mom faces struggles in the initial days of motherhood. Fortunately, these CBD products might help them out.

  • CBD Body and Bath Oil

You can find CBD bath oil for new moms. They are mainly for pain in joints and muscles, a common phenomenon in new moms. It could either be rubbed at the affected area or mixed with a warm bath. You can also find oils that contain other herbs, such as Chamomile and CBD.

  • Cannabidiol Bath Bombs

It is difficult for new moms to take time for their self-care. So, these bath bombs are to give some relaxing time. They can use it like regular bath bombs and enjoy a relieving bath.

  • A special Recipe Book

New moms, particularly the breastfeeding ones, require more nutrition than regular people. Unfortunately, they have less time to prepare a nutritious meal for themselves. So, please give them a CBD recipe book that contains some simple recipes for smoothies, desserts, and snacks. They are easy to make and have the possible health benefits of the drug. So, a new mom could eat something healthy while not putting much effort into cooking.

  • CBD Roller for Headache

The tantrum of toddlers, deteriorating health, and sleepless nights could make anyone scratch their head. New moms suffer from it almost daily. So, please give them a CBD roller that could offer them some moments of relief from headaches.

  • Gummies for Sound Sleep

You might have heard of CBD gummies. These gummies taste similar to regular gummies. Various brands, such as CBDistillery, offer a range of flavors for a delightful treat that could also offer you sound sleep.

New moms would love the sweet and sour gummies. Your favorite drug is known to treat sleeping disorders. Most of the time, new moms fail to get efficient sleep. So, when they try to return to their original routine, they fail to get sound sleep. In such situations, these gummies could help them.

  • CBD Face Mask

It is the best gift for new moms. They don’t have time to practice their skincare routine. So, they can apply these face masks and leave them for some time. They can continue their day-to-day activities while the front shows their magic. It requires only a few minutes to apply and rinse the mask but might give new moms acne-free, healthy skin.

  • Cream for Stretch Marks

Though stretch marks are common for people of all age groups, it is prominent with pregnant women. These stretch marks sometimes continue after childbirth. Fortunately, CBD might help fade these marks.

When we see a sudden increase in weight, as with pregnancy, the skin fails to stretch with it and develops rippled, thin lines. A significant reason behind the development of stretch marks is the lack of collagen. It is a natural protein known to make skin more elastic. CBD might increase collagen production in the body, making skin healthier and elastic. It could help reduce the stretch marks.

  • A Handmade Edible

Nothing could beat the love of a handmade gift. Give it to your friend and show them your love. So, you can purchase a good quality CBD oil and use it to make edibles, such as cookies, brownies, chocolates, etc.

You can gift any of these products to a new mom around you. If you are a new mom, you might use them for yourself. But wait! Is CBD safe for a breastfeeding mom? You do not want to give your friend something that might degrade their toddler’s health. So, look at whether it is safe for breastfeeding moms or not.

Is CBD Safe for New Moms?

The journal Obstetrics and Gynecology published a study that observed breast milk samples from eight Cannabis consuming anonymous mothers. The study revealed that a breastfed baby ingested approximately 2.5 percent of the dose consumed by the mother. However, the researchers did not consider the blood samples of infants. Also, the study focused on THC rather than CBD.

On the other hand, Meer notes, “CBD, when used topically, can bring incredible relief to pregnant and nursing moms,” says Meers. “When rubbed on the body, CBD does not enter our bloodstream but can still bring powerful pain relief to those sore muscles and joints during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, right now, there are more questions than answers when we talk about ingesting CBD.

There is little research on pregnant or breastfeeding mothers for apparent reasons when it comes to clinical trials. Thus before gifting these typical products, have an open conversation with a professional. If your friend is not a breastfeeding mother, CBD is as safe for her as any other person. Also, the situation’s sensitivity with breastfeeding mothers makes it significant only to give a high-quality product purchased from a reputed brand, such as CBDistillery.


Every mother has their share of struggles that they face without blaming anyone. So, you must make her feel special on this Mothers’ Day with a cannabidiol gift. Not only to new moms, but you can also gift CBD products to an experienced mom.