Citizenship by Investment: Welcome to Hospitable Turkey!

    Dreaming of living by the seaside in a warm tropical climate as a full-fledged citizen? Turkey is a great opportunity to do so: you can invest an affordable amount in real estate or other options and acquire a Turkish passport not only for you but also for your family members. The good news is that you can do all of that online: use the immigration agent’s help (this is a mandatory requirement) to receive Turkish citizenship without much hassle from the comfort of your home.

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    Turkish Citizenship by Investment: Advantages

    Here are the main benefits of acquiring citizenship in this dynamically developing country:

    • You can get passports for all family members
    • You will not have to wait for long: the passport will be issued to you in a matter of three to twelve months. However, even this term is highly likely to be shortened soon as the country is taking measures to speed up the administrative procedures due to the great number of applicants.
    • Your investment is refundable and you will be able to get it back in three years. You will retain your Turkish passport, of course!
    • Turkey provides high-class education opportunities, and some of them are free.
    • Turkey occupies 17th place in the world by the scope of its economy, which is a good indicator.
    • You can live in any country and still remain a Turkish citizen.
    • Turkish passports need to be renewed once in about 10 years, but the procedure is very quick and simple.
    • Real estate prices are on a constant increase, so you are highly likely to resell your property at a higher price – which actually means that your Turkish citizenship will cost you nothing!
    • Turkish passports are quite strong, which means that you can enter a large number of countries without a visa.
    • Finally, if you need an investor’s (non-immigration) visa to the US, which is also known as E2, the Turkish passport gives you the right to easily get it.

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    Investment Options

    If you are a law-abiding citizen aged at least 18, you can use the following investment options to acquire Turkish citizenship:

    Buying real estate that costs at least 400,000 US dollars.

    Your purchase has to be approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development (which will issue a conformity certificate to you), and you have to keep it for three years before you can resell it. The property has to be assessed by an authorized governmental authority to confirm its real worth, and you will also need to get a copy of the property registration certificate from the territorial division of the land cadaster.

    Investing 500,000 US dollars in a company based in Turkey.

    This investment has to be approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology which will issue a certificate of conformity. You will also need a document with information about the company obtained from the local trade register, a filled-out investment form, a copy of the document that presents the company’s corporate structure, and a report issued by a licensed accountant that confirms the invested amount.

    Setting up a business in Turkey to create no less than 50 jobs for the locals.

    The fact of creating 50 jobs has to be confirmed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Infrastructure which will issue a conformity certificate.

    Depositing 500,000 US dollars with a Turkish bank.

    This is a fixed-term deposit that you will not be able to withdraw earlier than in three years. In this case, the conformity certificate that proves the fact of making a deposit has to be issued by the Bank Regulation and Supervision Agency. You will need to obtain a copy of the bank slip and a deposit certificate from the bank.

    Invest 500,000 US dollars in the state bonds.

    You will have to keep the bonds for three years. The conformity certificate has to be issued by the Ministry of Finance. You will also need a document that certifies the acquisition of the state bonds for the required amount and another document to prove the registration of the account after you have deposited the bonds.

    Invest 500,000 US dollars in a venture/investment fund.

    This amount is required to be kept in the fund for 3 years. The conformity certificate is issued by the Capital Market Board.

    Invest 500,000 US dollars in a private pension fund in Turkey.

    Just like in all previous cases, the amount has to be kept in the fund for 3 years, and the prospective citizen will have to apply to the Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency to obtain a certificate of conformity.

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    Turkey is definitely an appealing country for relocation, which explains why it remains one of the most popular destinations. However, many people feel uneasy when they think of interacting with foreign authorities in Turkish, so they abandon the idea. We will help you make the whole procedure as smooth as possible, and you will become a Turkish citizen without much effort in no time!