Common Garage Renovation Projects and Their Average Costs

Garage renovation is one of the most underrated home renovation projects a homeowner can tackle. It might not bring the same glow and elegance to your home that a new kitchen or master bathroom will, but it’s a versatile area you can make perfect for your needs. An estimated 66 percent of homes in the United States of America have a garage, and this space often goes to waste.

A functional garage provides a space for hosting friends and family or working on small projects. Taking the right step toward building the garage of your dreams is as simple as finding the right ideas and developing a budget.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about the costs of improving your garage floor and amenities. Keep reading to upgrade your home’s garage today!

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls is an excellent way to start your garage renovation project without breaking the bank. A fresh coat of paint will add a ton of life to your home’s garage and create a comfortable environment for oil changes, ping pong tournaments, or meeting up with friends for a garage band jam session.

Find a bold color that adds energy to the space if you’re tired of your dusty garage’s appearance. All you’ll need to start is a few cans of your chosen paint and some paintbrushes. Best of all, it’s a fun DIY project that you can handle without hiring professional help.

Add Electrical Power

Another addition to consider for your garage is adding electrical power to this space. This is an excellent renovation tip if you plan on handling projects in your garage that require power tools. It will add some money to your renovation cost, but it’s a convenient way to turn your garage into more than a car storage area.

Most garages have only one electrical outlet. Hiring an electrician is the best way to run more electrical wire in your garage for more flexibility. It’s also wise to consider adding a charging port for electric vehicles to prepare you for the future.

A professional electrician will help you plan out where to run the wire. You can work together to find the best areas to place additional electrical outlets. This addition to your renovation project will cost around $200.

Regulate the Temperature

Temperature regulation is crucial if you see yourself spending extended periods of time in your garage. Consider insulating your garage to make it more comfortable during the summer and winter. The odds are that you’ll love spending time in the garage once your renovation is completed.

Consider purchasing an insulated garage door if you plan on using your garage as an additional living space or a work area. Installing electrical ceiling fans is another excellent way to manage temperatures in your garage during those sweltering summer months.

Add Entertainment

Your garage shouldn’t get relegated to storage and repairs. It’s an excellent space for entertaining guests and watching the big game. Consider adding some entertainment to your garage during the renovation process to prepare for football season or those summer nights with friends.

A flat-screen TV is a fun addition to gaming or watching sporting events. You should also invest in a soundbar and surround sound for those unforgettable nights hosting parties with your friends.

It’s even possible to add an area in your garage to cook or grill your favorite foods when your friends come over. The cost of your entertainment area will depend on the number of speakers and TVs you add.

Upgrade Your Garage Floor

The garage floor is an area that is often forgotten, but it’s essential to maintain yours if you want your garage to last. Concrete will last for quite a while, but fluctuating temperatures and moisture will eventually cause cracks. It’s best to get polyaspartic coating for your garage flooring to help it stand up to stains, water, and dropped tools.

Don’t look at your garage floor as an area where you merely walk. It’s especially vital to upgrade your garage’s concrete floors if you plan to use your garage area for DIY projects and car maintenance. One mistake could result in a stained concrete floor, but a polyaspartic coating will keep the concrete safe from all dangers.

You’ll need to spend up to $9 per square foot if you move forward with an upgraded concrete coating. It’s a wonderful investment that will last a lifetime.

Add Windows

Another way to spruce up your home’s garage is to allow more natural light to enter this space. Most garages lack windows, resulting in a dark and dusty space. Adding windows allows natural light to pour into your garage and add more energy and happiness.

Dark garages are dangerous if you’re working with heavy tools and equipment. Adding windows is a wonderful complement to the additional electricity in your upgraded garage.

Buy a Workbench

It’s cliche, but the best garage renovation project often involves purchasing a workbench. A basic workbench solves many issues when you’re handling DIY projects at home. You can handle various tasks and projects in this space without risking damage to other parts of your home.

It’s also perfect if you don’t want to deal with cleaning up messes. Your coated concrete floor is simple to sweep after you finish a woodworking task. The best workbenches come with drawers for easy storage. It results in a garage that doesn’t have clutter. You can find garage workbenches for as little as $200 for your garage renovation.

Take Charge With Your Garage Renovation Today

Finding the right steps to take with your garage renovation is an excellent way to start the process of upgrading your home and adding more curb appeal. A polyaspartic coating protects your concrete floors and provides peace of mind when you’re handling DIY projects at home. Add windows for natural light and a sound system for those fun summer nights with friends.

Ready to add more value to your new home? Check out the rest of our blog posts to build the home of your dreams today!