Everything to Know About Basset Certification in Illinois

Did you know that part of Illinois Law requires alcohol servers and those who check IDs for alcohol service at on-premise establishments to complete the BASSET certification, and that’s every three years?

With BASSET Certification being mandated in Illinois, restaurants serving alcohol in Illinois have already been approved and available in online or classroom settings.

The training is intended to let the server and sellers learn, identify, and understand the regulations regarding consuming and selling alcoholic beverages responsibly. BASSET training aims to promote legal and even preventive measures for alcohol servers and sellers to avoid liabilities, ensure the safety of the public and customers, and promote legal and responsible consumption and selling of alcohol.

This article will let us know more about BASSET Certification and why it is important in Illinois.

Understanding BASSET Certification in Illinois 

The Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training or BASSET program is Illinois’s seller or server training program. It’s an educational tool for sellers of alcoholic beverages to follow the law and serve responsibly.

Under the regulatory and licensing support of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, the BASSET intends to encourage responsible, profitable, and legal alcohol service and sales.

When obtaining the BASSET certification, know that it’s just so easy. You only have to complete the state-approved alcohol training program. 

Once you pass the final exam, you will get your temporary certificate of completion. When the completion is sent to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, the ILCC will send the BASSET card.

Upon completing the course and final exam, you may just download and print the certificate, which will serve as the temporary BASSET card.

Who is Qualified for BASSET Certification? 

All alcohol servers (on-premise), and even those required to check IDs for alcohol service, must take the BASSET. The training has now become mandatory, especially on county-wise roll-outs.

Even some municipalities in Illinois require BASSET training because of local law. You should revert to the local regulatory authorities to check if BASSET training is mandatory to be employed at the liquor-selling establishment.

Many businesses prefer training their staff to let them learn the skills that are necessary to prevent alcohol-related issues.

The On-Premise BASSET Certification in Illinois is ideal for barbacks, bartenders, servers, staff, managers, events, and restaurants. The certificate is also an advantage if you’re working as a liquor store or grocery store clerk where alcoholic beverages sell other grocery store items.

BASSET Certification Objectives 

The program aims to:

  • Train and instruct servers and sellers to participate in responsible alcohol service;
  • Identify any signs of intoxication.
  • Apply intervention techniques for the intoxicated individuals;
  • Avoid DUIs and alcohol-related risks;
  • Prevent underage sales and drinking;
  • Have safer communities
  • Establishments are safer where alcoholic beverages are served.
  • Train employees, managers, owners, and staff about shop insurance, state laws, and local ordinances about alcohol service.

How to Earn the BASSET Certification? 

The BASSET certification training program comes with 4 informative lessons and each comes with a quiz right at the end of the training to see if you understand the lessons well and how you were able to prepare for final test. You are also obliged to complete the lessons and take the final exam with multiple choice questions.

Of course, you should get a passing score of at least 70 percentage to get an award and certificate of BASSET ID card. If you don’t pass the exam, you will retake the program and exam or just retake until you pass it.

Design of the Course 

The BASSET Certification is designed to be taken in just 4 lessons. Of course, that’s according to the student’s own pace. You should take the lessons accordingly and must not advance to the next lesson until you have completed the previous ones.

  • Each of the lesson contained detailed information on one topic, and the others were for exercise. There’s also a voice-over, which was optional to read lessons out loud and conveniently.
  • Once each lesson is completed, a short quiz will test your understanding of the material.
  • When 4 lessons and quizzes are complete, you may take the final exam, which contains about 30 multiple-choice questions. Of course, you should pass with at least seventy percent to get the BASSET card.

With that, you should complete all 4 lessons and the final exam within six months of registration. The course may also be finished in about 4 hours, that’s one hour for each lesson.


Like any other certification for alcohol serving and selling, the BASSET Certification is a must if you’re a part of a business where you sell and serve alcohol. This is not just about the safety of the customers or people but also one way of protecting yourself and your business. This training will serve as your learning to serve and sell responsibly.