Family Trip to Houston: Top 10 Must Try Activities

Houston, Texas. Home to 7 million people and counting and one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, receives a large number of visitors every year for business and pleasure. The Houston metropolis boasts cultural diversity, with the space center and astronaut training center, the grand Houston Opera, 19th-century architecture, and upscale restaurants offering international cuisines being among the many attractions you can hope to enjoy in Houston.

When visiting as a family, after sorting your accommodation, the next issue will be how you will move around. Renting a car will be the ideal means of movement. From small cars for small families to big 10 passenger van rental in Houston, book a car of your choice in advance for your perfect journey. With your transportation catered for, it’s now time to explore, and below are 10 activities that you can enjoy as you tour Houston.

Visit the Houston Health Museum

The museum offers exhibits that help children learn about the human body. Some exhibits may not be appropriate for all children as some are more geared toward teenagers. Most of the exhibits are permanent but be sure to ask about what temporary or traveling exhibits you can find when you visit as some are offered in conjunction with other museums and medical centers.

Visit the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is a great place to visit, but keep the weather in mind and try to visit when the weather is nice. There are, however, shelters that can protect you from the rain and sprinklers to cool you off when it’s too hot. The ideal day to visit is on a mild day. There is a host of animals you will find here with an up-close look being allowed at some of them.

Visit the downtown Aquarium

The aquarium offers activities that will interest people of all ages. You can watch as divers take turns caring for animals and the massive tanks, or even take turns petting stingrays. In case you plan to visit the aquarium you should schedule for it several hours but in reality, it will take you more than a day to go through all the exhibits at a leisurely pace.

Kemah Boardwalk

A trip to the Kemah Boardwalk will keep both the adults and the young ones happy. It’s a traditional boardwalk that comes complete with rides and other amusement park offerings. They have an all-day ride pass or you can opt to pay per ride. It features eateries, including a coffee shop, seafood restaurants, an ice cream shop, and a grill. There are also shops where you can buy goods including souvenirs.

Cool off at SplashTown

During the summer months, you can cool off at SplashTown. This expansive water park comes with giant slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool. There are also areas the smaller children can enjoy with adult supervision. Cooling stations with refreshments can be found throughout the park. You can also participate in the Tornado and Stingray Racer attractions.

Treat your taste buds at the Chocolate Bar

If you have a sweet tooth, then the chocolate bar is your place. With two locations in the city namely the Rice Village and the River Oaks you can sample them and enjoy their in-house made offerings. With a variety of goodies, everyone in the family will be able to find something.

Get in touch with your artistic side at the Hobby Center For the Performing Arts

The center provides adults and children likewise with an opportunity to do hands-on activities that will help them appreciate art. The kids can paint pottery as you watch them. You can also enjoy the artwork of various artists in the different galleries.

Enjoy performances at the Houston Theatre District

The theater district is housed across 17 blocks, with 8 performing arts groups. The Express Children’s Theatre can keep the children entertained while at the same time helping them appreciate art. Be sure to look at the schedule to choose the ones that will interest you.

Enjoy an “out of the world” experience at the Johnson Space Center

There are many activities that as a family you can enjoy at the Johnson Space Center. You can watch the Mission Control Room where space missions are monitored. You can also learn about the history of space travel and get a glimpse of what the future holds. The center is expansive and touring may take a whole day depending on how long you will take at each exhibit.

Go shopping at the Galleria

Receiving 26 million visitors each year, The Galleria is Texas’ largest shopping mall and the fourth largest in the USA. With over 400 stores and restaurants, two highrise hotels, and three office towers it is arguably the most popular retail and tourist destination in Houston. 

Things you should know about Houston as you visit

Below are a few things you should know about Houston as you prepare to make that trip with your family.

  • Sometimes there are floods in Houston.
  • There are big traffic snarl-ups in Houston, especially during rush hours.
  • Since you will most likely be using a car rental try to void parking tickets by parking in designated places.
  • Take Hurricane warnings seriously.
  • Beware of the blistering heat and ensure your car and hotel room have a functioning air conditioner.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy their barbecue.


A visit to Houston, especially with family can be a rejuvenating experience. Houston has offerings that the whole family will enjoy. You can rent a car from the many companies in Houston offering cars for rent.  Why don’t you get yourself one and go enjoy what Houston has to offer to you and your family?