Five Fabulous Ways to Enjoy a Family Vacation in Panama City Beach

It’s another holiday period and an excellent time to kick back and relax, and enjoy life. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a vacation as a family, then Panama City beach is just the place for you. There are really cool places of interest in Panama that you and your kids would love.

Panama City beach is located in Bay County, Florida, and it lies on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s best known for its 27 miles of coastline, white sand beaches, beautiful clear waters and lots of attractions and exquisite restaurants. The beach is a part of Panama City itself, which is well known for the Panama Canal, an artificial waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Every year, about 4.5 million people visit Panama City beach. Not only is the area full of activities, it also carries historical gems in its parks, the city and the sea itself.

There are lots of family things to do in Panama City beach, ranging from shopping to skating and even dining. There are also lots of activities that are appropriate for kids of different ages and for adults as well. Here, we list out five of those fun things to do in Panama.

First Things First: Where to Stay

The first thing you must consider before embarking on a trip to Panama is where to stay. You’ll be traveling with your family, so you need a place that will be convenient for your kids, your pet, your spouse and yourself. Inlet Beach city, Florida offers a wide range of these accommodations where you can enjoy the tranquil seas at night without the usual bustle of city living.

Five Fun Activities for the Family

  • Food

Now that you’re settled in, the first thing to figure out is where to get food. Panama City beach offers a variety of places to eat and an assortment of dishes to pick from. 

If you love to eat vegan foods, then you can head over to Liza’s Kitchen, Andy’s Flour Power or Gypsea Crepes. 

Places like Pineapple Willy’s offer meals for kids like Mini Corndogs and Chicken Littles in addition to their famous adult meals like Po Boys Sandwich and Shrimp Basket.

  • Water Activities

There are lots of water activities that your family can enjoy in Panama City beach. The water serves as the perfect spot for snorkeling where you and your family can enjoy the water, or you can go on a tour of the creeks and marshes of the West Bay on a Boat. 

These activities are educational in addition to being fun. Your kids can use this experience as first hand learning about the animals and the ecosystem of the marshes.

Other activities you can engage in as a family include boat cruises, fishing and parasailing.

  • Parks

The parks are one of the Panama City attractions for families you’ll love exploring with your kids. You can choose to visit any of the state parks, three of which are The St. Andrews State Park, Camp Helen State park, and PCB Conservation Park. Within these parks, your family can engage in activities like surfing, hiking and wildlife viewing.

The St. Andrews State Park was once a military reservation that lies on 1200 acres of land. This park also includes Shell Island, which is an island only accessible by boat. In Shell Island you can enjoy kayaking, take a walk along the beach and enjoy wildlife like dolphins, sea turtles, crabs and other sea animals.

  • Indoor Activities

Imagine your family is already excited to enjoy a full day of exciting activities outdoors but a change in weather spoils the plan. Your day is still not lost as Panama places of interest include indoor activities that your kids will find engaging.

Suppose your kids have overactive imaginations, then one of the family things to do in Panama City Beach is visit Wonderworks. This is an indoor amusement park specializing in edu-tainment – a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a museum of cool oddities. You can go through the galleries or use the interactive options. You can choose to get entertained at Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze, get a thrilling immersive experience with Ripley’s Moving theater, and test your skills against the laser beams in Ripley’s Impossible Laser Race. You can also purchase fun souvenirs at the Gift Shop.

This place is sure to blow their minds as they pass through the inversion tunnel and feel themselves turned upside down! There are other amazing activities like flying a fighter jet and competing in laser tag. 

They can also experience the wonder zones like the physical challenge zone, Light and sound zone, imagination lab, space discovery zone, wonder art gallery and the extreme weather zone.

Indeed, the only problem you might have at the end of the day will turn out to not be boredom, but your kids refusing to leave these entertainments!

  • Shopping

Have you ever tried shopping as a family activity before? Yeah, It’s definitely an adventure. Panama City beach has many interesting places to shop from, and you can find a variety of brands and items from dollar clothes to designer clothing. You can also purchase anything from cosmetics to groceries and even electronics.

You can decide to pick out souvenirs for family members and friends in local stores. There are displays of locally made crafts by indigenous artisans like traditional anklets, bracelets and other items that you can use as a memento of your vacation.


Panama City Beach is an ideal vacation spot in tri county Panama City, FL. 

There are so many family things to do in Panama City beach, and we have outlined five of these fun activities. You can now begin to make plans to visit and enjoy the beauty that is Panama City beach.

This period can be a good time for you to bond with your family and give them an unforgettable experience.