Gabby Douglas – Stretching Her Net Worth

Gabby Douglas – Stretching Her Net Worth

Gabby Douglas – Stretching Her Net Worth

Gymnastics is a sport that required dedication, strength, and a life-long commitment. While some aspects of gymnastics can be learned and perfected, natural talent and flair are a pre-requisite.

Starting Young

Gabby Douglas was born in 1995 in Virginia. The Olympic athlete has be reaching for her dreams from the early age of 6. She always had a love for dancing and gymnastic antics and would practice whenever the moment allowed. Her natural talent went far beyond that of a normal young girl.

Taking The Next Step To Success

Gabby’s career began with professional coaching when she was 6 years old. She grew from strength to strength and by the age of 8 she had achieved the title of Virginia State All-Round Gymnastic Champion for her age group and level of training. Gabby knew that she had to make a move if she was to improve herself and push her skill levels to their peak.

As young as she was she made the decision to move to Iowa. There she lived with a host family, spending months at a time away from her own mother. This was her opportunity to train with a world-renowned gymnastics coach. Liang Chow pushed Gabby to her limits, allowing her to exceed what she ever thought possible.

Going For Gold

In 2011, Gabby was part of the team that won gold and from there on there was no stopping her. Her Olympic dreams became reality in 2012 when she was chosen as part of the US team. She exceeded all expectations and made history that year. Gabby became the first gymnast from America to win both the Team and All-Round Gold medals at one Olympics event.

More historically important is the fact that she was the first woman of color to win gold in the All-Round event. The winning streak kept the Gabby Douglas net worth ticking over and growing steadily.

The List Of Accolades

The phenomenal athlete continued to add to her list of achievements. There seemed nothing that she could not achieve. Besides her historical gold wins in 2012,  Gabby also boasts being part of the Final Five. 2012 and 2015 were laced with gold for the gymnast.  The Summer Olympics of 2016 brought with it more success. The gold was mounting up and with the the

Gabby Douglas net worth.

The star and her life have been brought to the public through a Lifetime Movie released in 2014 under the title  “The Gabby Douglas Story”. A reality show called “Douglas Family Gold” also took to the screens. The athlete herself starred in the show.

Gabby Douglas net worth

was increased through both these successful efforts.When it comes to any athletes, endorsements play a huge role in boosting revenue and for the Gabby Douglas net worth it was no different.

Who Is Gabby Douglas?

Gabby was lucky enough to have her family behind her all through her childhood. They believed in her from the beginning and recognized how talented she was from the start. So much so in fact that they were willing to send her away at a young age to better her skills.

Beneath all the Olympic and gymnastic glory, Gabby is just another ambitious, young woman trying to follow her dreams. Gabby is an extremely motivated and inspirational person.

She knew from a young age what she wanted to do and wasn’t afraid to take risks to get it. She is a very private person who is focused on her career and gymnastics ability and improving it.

She is yet to make time for a relationship. Gabby feels she just isn’t ready for it. This young woman has drive, determination and has already made her mark on history.

Something tells me we haven’t quite heard the last of her though. She was born to be recognized and that’s just what she’s doing. With the Gabby Douglas net worth sitting at $3 million and growing, it is proof that guts and hard work do get you places.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the athlete. She has, in the past, been subjected to cruel criticism over accusations that she has bleached her skin in order to appear on the fair side.

There have been murmurs over her choice of hairstyle and controversy over how unpatriotic behavior.

It is not widely known, however; in 2012 Gabby almost gave up her sport in pursuit of a normal life. Imagine how different the history of gymnastics would be if that had become a reality.

Desire to succeed, passion, and determination kept this young lady on a fast-track to professional achievements that many can only imagine.