Garth Brooks Net Worth

Garth Brooks Net Worth


You personally may not know him as well as some other big-time singers and songwriters. But Garth Brooks Net Worth is an American country music star who has a net worth of $400 million. He’s a wildly successful country music artist who has had six albums certified diamond and in total. He has sold over 200 million albums worldwide. Furthermore, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Garth is the best-selling solo artist of the 20th century in the United States. A feat very, very few can claim rightfully belongs to them. Some music fans disagree with this ruling because the RIAA did not precisely track Elvis Presley’s earliest sales. But when you adjust for Elvis, Garth is the second best-selling solo artist of the last 100 years and the third best-selling artist overall, with The Beatles being number one. Not too shabby, not at all.

His life

Brooks was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on a windy February day in 1962. His father may have passed down some of his singing prowess, for he was a professional musician of Irish ancestry (weird for a cowboy, but still). When he was young Garth’s family would hold weekly talent shows where he and his several siblings had to participate.

Though mandatory, this did not stop Garth from learning to play the guitar for this express purpose, while his brothers and sisters too learned artistic talents to participate in the event with.

Weirdly enough, garth didn’t even begin to pursue a professional career in music, choosing to enter college with a football player’s track scholarship and graduating with a degree in advertising of all things. This all changed however when Garth, concerned about his net worth, started playing in clubs and bars around his home state, most notably Wild Willie’s Saloon in the city of Stillwater. Garth’s style was more centered around rock for the beginning of his musical musings, but in time he found himself influenced to give good ‘ol country a chance.

His Career

In 1985, entertainment attorney Rod Phelps drove all the way from Texas to listen to Brooks. Phelps liked what he heard so much, he offered to produce Brooks’ first demo.

With Phelps’ encouragement, including a list of his contacts in Nashville and some of his credit cards, Brooks traveled to Nashville to pursue a recording contract, then promptly returned to Oklahoma within twenty-four hours. Phelps continued to urge Brooks to return to Nashville, which he eventually did, and in 1987, Brooks and his wife Sandy Mahl moved to Nashville, where he began making contacts in the music industry.

Two years later, he would release his eponymous debut album, to huge success. His compilation weeks at the top of the charts and many unforgettable classics such as.

“If Tomorrow Never Comes”, “Not Counting You” and “The Dance” (his favorite song of his, till this day) peaked in the hot country singles chart, a  striking performance for a first album, that’s why the same year he also embark on his first tour.

Brooks’ music was quite literally in many cases on the border of classic country music, with large splashes of rock and seventies lyricism and antics added to the repertoire.

The man and still is influenced by performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Queen, whom he models his rather weird for a country singer’s arena rock presence after.

But none touched him the most, purely musically as much as James Taylor. So much so he impressed by the man, Garth named his firstborn after him?

Work Experience Garth Brooks Net Worth

Like Dolly Parton, another country music mogul, Garth Brooks Net Worth was a savvy businessman as well as a popular musician. His popularity among the country music lovers wouldn’t wane with the coming of the next few decades, releasing chart-topping albums well into the nineteen-nineties.

He would, though, experience some backlash for his masterminded maneuvers in the musical industry. When he opposed the practice of selling used compact discs (CD’s) by some stores. Arguing that it would lead to a loss in proper royalty payments. He and his titanic personality persuaded Capitol Records to not ship his 1993 album. In Pieces, to stores which engaged in this practice, but in the end, this led to several anti-trust lawsuits against the record label. A long and arduous debacle ending with Capitol shipping the albums to the stores anyway. This ordeal, like a twig in front of a steam locomotive, did not even touch Brooks’ career and success, however, with his first world tour beginning in 1993 and reaching the UK after many domestic concerts.

There Brooks sold out venues such as Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre and London’s Wembley Arena, a feat never accomplished by an American country music artist. He also began the London radio station, Country 1035.

Garth Brooks Net Worth

Despite the disdain of the British media, a proper American cowboy trait, Brooks’ overall popularity in the country was evident, with a top disc jockey. Nick Barraclough, referring to Brooks as Garth Vader (a play on Darth Vader) for his “invasion” of the charts and his success in the country genre.

Garth’s popularity eventually plateaued later on in the nineties, with harder grunge bands like Nirvana and more urban. Rather than rural, hip-hop becoming ever more mainstream. But he never suffered a fall from grace in the eyes of his fans. In 1998 he even began a second world tour, again to much success and acclaim.

All this time though, Garth remained a Garth Brooks Net Worth family man and expressed dissatisfaction. With his professional life tasking over his personal one. After many years of doubt, he finally retired in 2000. Choosing to let his vast amounts of wealth and net worth work for him. Instead of the other way around and to focus on spending more time with his loved ones, leisurely.

Ever the opportunistic capitalist he returned to Garth Brooks Net Worth. Live performances in 2005 and even started releasing new material in 2014. Striking a deal with Walmart of all things to his entire previous catalog.

Garth Brooks, the part cowboy with the light musk of whiskey on his rusty. Yet smooth voice, a part business mogul with three hundred million US dollars in the bank and counting, all country.