Genius Breastfeeding Hacks Every Mom Needs To Know

Most beautiful bond is between a mother and her baby, although mothers have to face tough challenges, have a tiring routine and have to put in a lot of effort to be successful in this job of their life. Sometimes they are facing low milk supply for which they must have herbal lactation supplements to improve milk supply in order to nourish their baby properly. Feeding process seems difficult, painful and messy but these genius hacks could really help you sort things in a better way than before. Although many women worry about low milk supply, insufficient breast milk production is rare. If it does happen and your baby isn’t putting back on weight after delivery or otherwise needs milk for some reason, don’t worry kindly have a look at the TheMilkyBox store – they have a wide range of organic certified and absolutely golden standard baby formulas available.

1-Breast feeding basket

Preparing a portable baby basket which has baby essentials and everything handy which might be needed while feeding your baby. When your baby is suckling your breasts, you never want to disturb him/her, keep in mind that it could be for a long duration.

Keep useful things in this basket such as baby wipes, your water bottle, baby medicines and colic drops, nursing pads, breast pump, pacifiers, teething necklace, tissues, magazines, healthy snacks, herbal lactation supplementsand everything else you need at that time. This hack also helps to organize baby related items in one place.

2-Double shirt trick

Double shirt method is wearing a nursing tank under any shirt when you go out. You need to uplift the upper shirt and pull down the tank shirt to expose your breasts only. This will avoid exposing your belly in front of others.

This hack will make the mother feel comfortable, less self-conscious of the prying eyes and more secure. This principle is also beneficial, if you live in a big family and you have kids around, plus it is useful, if your baby hates to throw a nursing cover over them while feeding.

3-Nursing pillow

Nursing pillow is your best friend during feeding sessions. It seems natural and normal, holding your baby in your arms and feeding him/her, but it actually involves your whole arm and back, putting strain on both. This pillow can support the mother very well, handling and ensuring proper latching position.


Engorgement is a very painful condition for many nursing mothers. Your breasts feel like a rock and it hurts badly. It could be in the early days, or due to missing some feeding sessions or even if you are trying to wean off. The cold cabbage leaves placed into your bras helps ease the pain and also controls milk production. Use this remedy as per requirement, as it can also result in low milk supply. You can even take a hot water bath to lessen the pain in your breasts.

5-Lactation boosting supplements

Many times women observe a drop in their milk volume and want to increase milk supply. They get worried because they are unable to satisfy their babies. You don’t need to worry, there are a lot of herbal lactation supplementsavailable which can smartly tackle this issue.

You can include galactagogues like fenugreek, milk thistle or brewer’s yeast to boost your milk supply. They are also available in the form of lactation brownies, lactation cookies, smoothies and lattes. A reliable brand making these snacks is MILKYMAMA which has a lot of varieties of various supplements.


6-Prenatal vitamins

Nursing mothers need more calories and nutrient dense diet to produce good quality milk and maintain their health as well. The prenatal supplements which you were consuming in pregnancy are still important and you need to continue taking them to ensure that you and your baby are receiving adequate vitamins and minerals, which are difficult to fulfill from daily diet. This will maintain your energy levels and you will not feel lethargic and weak.

7-Breast feeding parts in fridge

Feeding your baby is a difficult task but it’s not the only one. You sometimes have to pump your milk, using manual or electric breast pumps and have to store them in bottles as frozen breast milk but this involves a lot of washing and cleaning mess from the breast feeding kit.

Simple hack is to zip lock them in a clean bag and keep them in a fridge, cold air keeps the bacteria away and hinder milk from drying up and restrain from getting it crusty. Also non-contaminated breast milk will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to six days.

8-Water bottles

Breast Milk is composed of 90% of water. So you need to stay hydrated to produce more milk. good water intake helps increase milk supplybut usually they ignore good water intake. Lactating mothers must keep good grade, BPA free, water filled bottles near them always, so whenever they feel thirsty, the water must be in their reach. These water bottles also give you a reminder of drinking water, and people around must also refill their bottles.

9-Scarfs as covers

To breastfeed your baby, you want some privacy and for this you need some separate corner in your house or nursing covers to keep things private. One affordable hack is to use a muslin scarf instead of a cover or blanket. These scarves are made from lightweight material and thus are breathable when covering your baby. This is also a fun way of dressing with them, on a regular, ordinary maternity outfit. Easy to carry anywhere and looks trendy too.

10-Feed Tracking apps

Yes, there are many breastfeeding tracking apps available in your mobiles and tablets. Keeping track of everything is difficult hence it gets confusing from which side you have fed last time and for how long you have done your last session. You can even track wet and solid poop diapers, helping you look for signs of colic and gas, after each feeding.

It also guides you for pediatrician visits, for checking baby’s growth and development. You can record all this information while you are nursing your baby. So, download this app and keep yourself relaxed as the postpartum brain is very fuzzy. Install this feeding app and thank me later.

Summing up

Mothers are very much occupied with babies, neglecting themselves and many times getting frustrated and stressed. All mothers need some relief and super pro tips to handle babies and tackle this challenging time. These genius hacks will surely help you, wish you best of luck!