Get Amazing Deals with Longer

3D printing technology has evolved to impressive levels, evident from the efficient printers and accessories we have today. The 3D printing scene has several players, including LONGER, one of the standout Chinese high-tech companies.

 It has an online store that you should visit for your 3D printer and laser engraving needs. There are several things that you will love about this company, which we are going to show you.

Company Background

The company is still young, having been founded in 2016. Despite its short stay on the scene, it is making ripples, evident from its global presence and growing popularity. It is a legit company with its headquarters in Longgang District, in Shenzhen, China, with facilities in different parts of the world.

After introducing you to the company, we can now look at its impressive features.

A Vast Catalog

One of the things to love about LONGER is its diverse catalog, comprising 3D printers, laser engravers, and their associated accessories. Under 3D printers, you have resin and FDM types, which are suitable for both industrial uses and hobbyists.

For laser engravers, you have the 5W and 10w varieties, both suitable for different applications. When perusing the website, you will encounter various accessories fit for the products that LONGER stocks.

The Discounts and Offers

Discounts and offers are the ultimate deal-sealers; LONGER has many of them. If visiting the website for the first time, you should subscribe to email alerts to enjoy a $20 discount on purchases of more than $300. You can also gift your friend, where you send them a link, which entitles them to a 5% discount on their initial purchases.

You should also take advantage of the big sale, such as that of the LONGER LK4 X. This 3D printer is powerful and typically goes for $369.99. However, as per the offer, you only pay $$299.99 for it.

Product Usability

The products are easy to use, with a manual to guide you on how to go with them. Furthermore, you get an intricate product description plus a video on the website. The most awe-inspiring thing about the product’s usability is the app.

The MKSLaser app is compatible with the LONGER Ray5 for easy coordination and use. The app, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, converts your device into a remote control for the laser engraver.

Help And Support

It is common to encounter issues when shopping for a product or when using it. This should not be a cause of worry if you rely on LONGER, courtesy of its efficient support center. You can reach help via phone call or email for any queries you may have and enjoy the fast response and support.

Final Word

Are you looking for a high-quality 3D printer, laser engraver, or accessories? If affirmative, you should look no further than LONGER, a reliable partner that deals with the mentioned products. The service is excellent, and you can enjoy incredible discounts and offers. Visit the website, check out the vast catalog, and pick a preferred product.