Here Are the Latest Cox Internet and WiFi Deals

Cox has been moving things around lately and it has introduced some pretty compelling deals across service areas. The standard prices are still low and transparent but offers now include time-limited discounts and added perks like we see on Xfinity’s and Spectrum’s offer pages.

Are you looking for a good deal on Cox Internet? You’re right where you need to be. We’ve compiled the 5 best Cox Cable deals that deliver the biggest bang for the buck. You’ll also find additional Cox Internet perks, features, and specs so you know exactly what you’re getting into. 

Here are the 5 best Cox Internet and WiFi deals as of September 2023.

5 Best Cox Cable Deals

  1. Go Fast + Panoramic WiFi

If you want fast and reliable internet to browse the internet, work, stream in HD, and watch reels on Facebook, Cox Go Fast is the best option. It features a max download speed of 100 Mbps, which is enough to support even a 4K streaming on a TV without bringing the speeds to a halt for everyone else. Depending on Cox’s network infrastructure in your area, the maximum upload speed will be 5 Mbps, 10 Mbps, or 100 Mbps (all-fiber internet).

The best part is that Cox Panoramic WiFi equipment is included in the plan with all its benefits including Advanced Security and the option to get an upgraded Gateway every three years. With access to Cox’s 4 million+ WiFi hotspots, you enjoy wireless internet on the go and save cellular data. This plan has a standard price of $49.99 a month with no term contract or a promo period.

  1. Go Faster + Panoramic WiFi + Mobile

Go Fast is the only Cox internet plan in which Panoramic WiFi is included. For faster tiers, you either need to buy your own router and Cox-approved modem or leave Panoramic Getaway from Cox. But the latest promotions from Cox add Panoramic WiFi equipment to all internet plans for 24 months with no increase in price. Go Faster is the most affordable plan to benefit from this position.

Go Faster is also the cheapest plan that has a Cox Mobile discount. If you add at least one Cox Mobile line, you get $14.99 off your internet bill for 24 months. 

This plan has a max download speed of 250 Mbps and a max upload speed of 10, 25, or 250 Mbps in different areas depending on the local network architecture. The standard price is $69.99 a month ($55.00 a month with Cox Mobile discount) and there’s no term contract. Other perks of Cox Internet such as access to Cox WiFi hotspots are included.

  1. Go Even Faster + Panoramic WiFi + Mobile

With Panoramic WiFi and a $14.99 discount (with Cox Mobile) included, Cox’s most popular internet plan now delivers even more value. This plan has a max download speed of 500 Mbps and a max upload speed of 10, 50, or 500 Mbps depending on where you live. This is also the fastest Cox Internet plan available in Douglas, Sierra Vista, and Wickenburg where Cox hasn’t brought Gig Internet yet. 

In some areas, this plan has a $44.99 discount for 24 months if you add Cox Mobile. That’s about the monthly price of Cox Mobile Gig Unlimited, which is $45 a month. As with other plans, there’s no term contract, and access to Cox hotspots is included. This plan has a standard rate of $89.99 per month before discounts.

  1. Go Super Fast + Panoramic WiFi + Mobile

Cox has updated 100% of its network with DOCSIS 3.1 and 4.0 technologies to bring 1 Gbps top speeds to 99% of its customers. Cox Super Fast brings symmetrical 1 Gbps speeds where it’s delivered via an all-fiber connection. Everywhere else, it features a max download speed of 1 Gbps and a Max upload speed of 35 or 100 Mbps depending on the local network. 

Cox Super Fast has a standard everyday price of $119.99 a month, but it’s available at a promotional rate of $109.99 per month without any bundling or contract requirements. This plan also includes Panoramic WiFi equipment and the $14.99 discount with Cox Mobile on top of the promo discount for 24 months. If you add a Cox Mobile line ($45 per month) you’ll only pay $95.00 per month for gig internet for 24 months.

In some areas, it has a $44.99 discount on top of the promo discount if you add mobile, bringing the price down to just $65 per month. You can talk to Cox customer service to learn which promotions are offered in your city. 

  1. Go Beyond Fast

This is the newest internet speed tier from Cox featuring a max download speed of 2000 Mbps. This plan is symmetrical (meaning the same speed for uploads and downloads) in areas where Cox has fiber coverage. But even with a hybrid fiber-coaxial connection, you get an impressive upload speed of 100 Mbps. This plan requires an Optical Network Terminal device, which is included with the plan at an extra charge. 

With ongoing developments in Cox’s fiber-powered networks in preparation for DOCSIS 4.0, the Go Beyond Fast is only going to get faster and more reliable. However, it’s currently available in limited areas. Contact Cox customer service for more information. 

Cox Internet Specs, Features, and Perks

Reliability and Speeds

Cox is the second fastest ISP in the US. According to Ookla Speedtest Intelligence data from the second quarter of 2023, it has a median speed of 241.78 Mbps, slightly below Spectrum’s median speed of 243.02 Mbps. Cox is also among the most reliable ISPs with a Consistency Score of 91.3% on the Ookla Speedtest.

Cox owes its reliability and speed to its fiber-powered network, 50% of which has already been upgraded with Remote PHY devices. As Cox brings all-fiber internet to more areas and prepares its hybrid fiber-coaxial network for DOCSIS 4.0, it’s only going to get faster and more reliable.

Competitive Standard Rates

Internet service rates are seldom advertised honestly—if you’ve been with Comcast Xfinity or Charter Spectrum in the past, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Rates on ads and offer pages may convince you to subscribe, but as soon as the promotional period ends, the price skyrockets. The standard rates are also often not easy to find anywhere on the offer pages or third-party reviews, so you can’t get an idea of how much you’ll be paying post-promotion.

Cox is taking a stance against this industry-wide tactic by offering internet service at standard rates. When there are limited-time promotional discounts included, standard rates are still shown clearly on the offer pages. If you didn’t know any better, you may assume Cox Internet is costlier than Xfinity or Spectrum. But it’s pretty competitively priced when you compare the standard rates.

Unlimited Data

One of the few downsides of Cox Internet has been its data caps. All plans have a 1.25 TB (1250 GB) data allowance. This is more than enough for most subscribers, but homes that download and stream in 4k a lot prefer unlimited plans. New offers on 250 Mbps and faster tiers include unlimited data. In case your usage is more than average, you don’t have to worry about overage fees during the promo period.

Money-Back Guarantee

Subscribing to an internet service can be a commitment even if you’re not in a term contract. You fall victim to the sunk cost bias when you’ve already paid installation and equipment fees—and you’re inclined not to switch even if you’re not satisfied. 

Cox testifies to its confidence in its service quality by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on all internet plans. On the off chance you don’t like the service, you can discontinue within the first 30 days of activation. Cox will return the installation fee, the cost of any equipment you purchased from Cox, and the monthly service fee. 

Discounts With Affordable Connectivity Program

FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) lets eligible households to save up to $30 per month on internet service. If you happen to be an eligible household, on Tribal Lands, you can save up to $70. Cox is a participant in ACP. If you qualify, the federal government will provide you with a discount on all Cox Internet plans. 

No Charge for Upgrades or Downgrades

ISPs often make it difficult to change your plan, particularly downgrade your speed tier. You get stuck with a max speed you never reach at a price you shouldn’t be paying. With Cox, you can switch to any speed tier any time you want at no extra charge. The modem you get even with the 100 Mbps plan is based on DOCSIS 3.1 and can support even the Gig plan. 

The Gist

Cox Internet is provided at competitive standard prices with the freedom to switch/ cancel at any time. With the latest promotional offers, Cox Internet plans now include Panoramic WiFi, unlimited data, and a discount if you add a Cox Mobile line.