Hosting a Hackathon Helps in Relationship Building?

Having a great idea of what you love doing is fun, but impacting it on others brings fulfillment and accomplishments.

Hackathon programs are designed for you to share your thoughts and ideas and experience with others, where you bring people from different backgrounds and skills together that lead to creative and innovative solutions.

For what it’s worth, hosting a hackathon event is a great way to build relationships with experienced professional technologists, computer programmers, aspiring software builders, and participants seeking to drive their passion through collaborative networking. Wondering how? Let’s understand what the meaning of a hackathon is and how you can explore it.

What Is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a program designed to last for 3-5 days, during which computer programmers, software builders, hackers, technologists, and other interested participants work together on similar projects. Hackathon organizations are built for participants to work in teams to develop software.

History has it that hackathons are hosted by companies, universities, and other tech organizations.

The Benefits of a hackathon are too important for anyone to ignore, especially web developers Chicago, computer programmers, engineers, technology mentees, etc.

Where Did They Start?

The first hackathon was held in 1969 at the University of Minnesota with its theme the Minnesota Statewide computer conference. Where students come together from universities to work on computer programming projects, domain experts, interface designers, engineers projects, and graphic designs.

Due to the benefits of hackathons and the growth of the tech industry, over 10,000 hackathons were held worldwide in 2018.

Different Types of Hackathon Programs

●     Technical Hackathons

This hackathon is organized to focus on software building and engineering, the major participants of this event are students and professionals in computer programming, and other aspiring softer builders are encouraged to attend.

●     Design Hackathons

Experience and aspiring UX and interface UI designers focus on this hackathon to enhance their skills and build connections. Creative mentees and professionals leverage this hackathon.

●     Industry or In-House Hackathon

This hackathon program is organized by companies for their employees who have the same particular skills in software building or engineering to come together and solve related problems.

●     Online or Virtual Hackathon

This program allows participants to connect over the internet to share skills, and ideas to solve problems for example Slack, and Github. etc

●     Social Impact Hackathon

This is similar to the online hackathon but its unique feature is that it is organized to use technology to solve problems driven by a passion for social justice.

Preparing to Host a Hackathon

No matter the type of hackathon program you choose to host, planning is key to achieving success.

●     Specific Hackathon

What skill of the hackathon program are you planning to host, is it going to be based on the technology, industry, or online hackathon? Knowing this will help you make the right decisions.

●     Team Building

Remember you can’t just opt and host an event, so look for like-minded people to work with you as team members for the event to be more fun, interactive and productive. On this note look for a group that complements your skill and work with them.

●     Inspiration

Hackathon is an event that takes a lot of work, putting people together and all, so do well to check for participants that are interested in working with you in hosting a hackathon. You can also check with the hackathon online directories that have a popular list of hackathons. eg dev post, hackspace, and

●     Social Media Domain

We all know that social media is the best and fast-growing way to drive attention to a post or to call for attention. Hosting a hackathon requires you to use relevant hashtags to find organizations, universities, and individuals that are willing to participate in the hackathon, one of which is Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

●     Right Place

You are about to invite people from different states, countries, and localities and so it requires ample space and the right location that would be convenient for everyone and easy to access, you also need the basic amenities in place to avoid disorderliness like food, drinks and internet connections so that all participants can be comfortable throughout the event.

●     Guides and Mastery

Everyone needs a little extra mentoring especially when you are about to meet with gurus for a contest, on this note providing speakers and tutors that can help provide valuable awareness and counseling to help stimulate and persuade your participants.

●     Self-Taught

It doesn’t matter if you are the one hosting a hackathon event, you still need to practice your tech skill. you won’t want to be humiliated as a host, so practice within your local communities, in the library, companies, and universities for people to brush you up before the hackathon event, you should get the same skill personally to share with.

Here Is the Deal?

Hosting a hackathon event can help build relationships, we have so many benefits of a hackathon event. Let’s name a few.

●     Build Alliance

Hosting a hackathon allows you to meet with people to form a strong alliance, it’s not just about building your skill and gaining experience. It helps you to break down barriers and build new relationships with others.

●     Good Networking

You can never know who you will be meeting at a hackathon either a potential business partner or investors that would want to invest in your dream. you get to have a chance to meet future employees and others so come along with your business cards and a friendly smile to build new lasting relationships.

●     Learning From Others

There is a popular saying “No man is an island” Hosting a hackathon allows you to learn from other mentors and work with other mentees. Those participants and speakers you connect with help you stay up-to-date on the latest technology information. The more you get information from them the closer you get to them. So host a hackathon today.

●     Having Fun

Hackathon platforms are where you meet all kinds of people with different characters, behaviors, nations, tribes, female, and male, accents, cultures, and even a secret admirer, so while you are at make sure to enjoy yourself and connect with others.

●     Captivating People

Don’t stay indoors thinking nobody likes you or would like to associate with you, hosting a hackathon event or participating in hackathons will help you gain positive stardom and attract people to you. Being a software builder or a technologist or a computer programmer is an asset to sell yourself in hackathons and a great way to build a lasting relationship.

Key Takeaways

Just as the definition above states, what a hackathon is and all its benefits, The preparatory steps, and all. Engaging in it can help you build good relationships with others and, for sure, have fun while showcasing your skills, and passion, and gaining positive publicity. It’s a good start.

Always remember that everyone is unique in their own way, and a hackathon is a great platform to engage with and explore others.