How the CompTIA Network+ Certification Helps Your IT Career

Do you want to take your IT career to the next level but feel stuck in a rut at the moment? If you want to work for the cyber security and networking sector, consider investing in the CompTIA Network+ Certification. In this blog, we will discuss all the ways it helps you take your IT career to the next level – or start afresh.

How the CompTIA Network+ Certification Matters in IT Career

The CompTIA Network+ Certification is an internationally recognized certification that validates the skills required of a junior-level network technician. It is designed for individuals with at least nine months of networking experience. The CompTIA Network+ Certification covers the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of common wired and wireless network devices.

There are many benefits to obtaining the CompTIA Network+ Certification. Here are just a few:

1) The CompTIA Network+ Certification is Globally Recognized

Earning the CompTIA Network+ certification is a great way to showcase your skills and knowledge in network security management. While this certification does require time and effort to complete, it can boost your resume and career options. In addition to showcasing your skills and knowledge, the certification is internationally recognized. This will allow you to apply for jobs in a variety of industries, and you can expect your salary to increase based on your newly-added skills.

Those in the tech industry are familiar with the challenges of Entry-Level Roles, and a good certification in this area can provide a leg up. Entry-level Technicians are everywhere, but they may not be very personable. If you are applying for a job in this industry, you must be able to show that you have the interpersonal skills to work well with others. In addition to networking skills, the CompTIA Network+ Certification will also help you find a job in IT infrastructure.

2) The CompTIA Network+ Certification is an Industry-Standard Certification

The CompTIA Network+ certification is an industry standard certification that covers the basics of network troubleshooting and configuration. This certification validates the technical skills of entry-level network professionals and can open the door to more advanced jobs. Whether you are a junior network administrator or a seasoned network professional, this certification is an excellent starting point for your career. Best Buy and Apple look for this certification when hiring, so you should definitely consider getting this certification before applying for a networking job.

To become certified, you must pass a 90-question exam. Questions are multiple-choice and situational. The passing score is 720 out of 900. To prepare for the exam, you can find practice exams and review the curriculum. If you don’t have enough time to study, you can schedule a practice test on CompTIA’s website. For students, government sponsored IT training, and nonprofit organizations, you can receive discounted rates. The exam was updated in early 2018 and now includes the latest security terminology and the pursuit of network resilience.

3) The CompTIA Network+ Certification Validates an Individual’s Skills and Knowledge

The CompTIA Network+ certification proves an individual’s skills and knowledge in configuring and maintaining industry-standard network products. This credential validates a person’s ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot network products. It also validates an individual’s knowledge of basic network design and documentation. It also shows that an individual has a basic understanding of emerging technologies.

The compTIA network+ certification is often associated with roles in computer repair, network administrator, and help desk tech. It also demonstrates skills necessary to support internal and external servers and develop networks in the field. While it is a general certification, it can be specialized and relevant to specific job roles. The certification helps in finding a job and allows for more flexibility when applying for it.

4) The CompTIA Network+ Certification Can lead to Higher Paying Jobs and Promotions

A computer networking certification such as the CompTIA Network+ credential can provide you with the knowledge you need to manage and develop computer networks. The certification is vendor-independent, so it applies to any IT product, including those made by CISCO. You may prefer to pursue a different CompTIA certification if your career goals are broader. Either way, the Network+ credential is worth pursuing if you are looking for a career in IT networking.


There are helpful resources available for you to prepare for this certification. The compTIA network+ training is a practice program designed for IT professionals and helps IT pros to help them earn a better salary. CompTIA certifications also help employees advance in their careers by demonstrating their skills. If you are looking for an IT job in the IT field, earning a certification is a great way to demonstrate your dedication to your work and to the industry.

5) The CompTIA Network+ Certification Can help Individuals Keep their Current Job and Improve their Skills

Among the benefits of earning a CompTIA Network+ Certification is the increased value of your resume. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of networking principles and the latest issues and trends. Additionally, you will validate your IT skills and knowledge. Employers around the world value this certification for its recognition of a variety of skills. A CompTIA Network+ practice test is a great way to learn what to expect on the actual test.

6) The CompTIA Network+ Certification will Prepare You for Advanced Certifications, Such as the CompTIA Certified Cyber Security Analyst (CCSA)

The CompTIA Network+ Certification will prepare you for the CCSA certification by teaching you the skills required to install, configure, and troubleshoot common security devices and systems. It will also validate your experience and knowledge in networking, which will make you more marketable to employers.If you are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, the CompTIA Network+ Certification is a great place to start.

The bottom line is, if you are looking to enter or advance in the field of networking, the CompTIA Network+ Certification is a great place to start. This certification will validate your skills and knowledge, and help you obtain the high-paying jobs and promotions you deserve.The benefits of this certification will far outweigh the cost and time it takes to obtain it.

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