How To Determine The Right Size Parcel Box For Your Needs

As we ship or receive packages, it is essential to find a box that can accommodate our items perfectly. Choosing the right size parcel box is a crucial factor that can affect the overall shipping experience.

The U.S. Post Company offers a wide array of parcel boxes in various sizes, shapes, and materials to cater to every customer’s needs, but we must first determine the appropriate size that will fit and secure our items better.

1. Measure Your Item

The first step in finding the right size parcel box is to measure the item you want to ship. Use a tape measure to obtain its dimensions, including its length, width, and height.

Measure the longest side of the item as its length and then the second longest side as its width. Measure the height of the item from the base to its highest point.

It would be best to round up the dimensions to the nearest inch for accuracy. These measurements will serve as your reference in selecting a box that will fit your item correctly.

2. Know The Available Sizes

After obtaining the dimensions of your item, check the U.S. Post Company’s available parcel box sizes. It is essential to remember that the box’s dimensions must be larger than your item’s dimensions.

The most commonly used sizes for parcel boxes are small, medium, and large. But, the U.S. Post Company also offers other sizes, such as extra-small, extra-large, and custom sizes, that can cater to specific shipping needs.

Make sure to review the box’s specifications carefully to avoid selecting a size that is too big or too small than what you need. Remember that an undersized box may damage your item, while an oversized box can add more weight, resulting in higher shipping costs.

3. Consider The Depth Of The Box

Apart from the box’s dimensions, depth is also vital in choosing the right parcel box size. The depth refers to the height of the box’s internal space.

Choose a box with the appropriate depth by adding a few extra inches of space between the item and the box’s lid. This extra space will allow room for cushioning and protection for the item.

4. Determine The Packaging Materials You Will Use

Packaging materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam can take up additional space within the box. Consider the packaging materials you will use in packaging your item and adjust the box size accordingly.

If you use thick cushioning materials, it might be best to choose a box that has a slightly larger size than your item to accommodate the added volume.

5. Consider The Weight Limit

The weight limit is the final consideration in selecting the right size parcel box. Each box has a maximum weight limit, and exceeding this limit can result in additional shipping costs or damage to your item during transit.

It is crucial to ensure that the weight of the item does not exceed the maximum weight limit of the box you select.

6. Add Insurance if Needed

If you are shipping valuable items, adding insurance to your shipment may also be a good idea. This can help you protect against any losses or damage that may occur during shipping. Keep in mind that some carriers may require additional insurance for valuable items, so make sure to check their policies before shipping.

Working with The U.S. Post Company

In conclusion, getting the right size parcel box for your needs is essential when sending items through the mail. It is crucial to always measure your item, consider its weight, determine the type of packaging and shipping you need, choose a box that fits your item snugly, and look for a sturdy and durable box. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your packages arrive safely and securely while also helping you avoid overspending on postage costs.