How to extract pdf pages


The PDF separator is used to splice a PDF file into chunks. You can split PDF pages if you want one or two (or more) pages are out of the document and the rest has been deleted, or if the PDF is too big for everyone, for what you want.

Splitting a PDF may seem like a complicated procedure, but it’s actually very easy to do. There are several online PDF separators and offline programs that can split PDF files in just a few clicks using PDF Creator.


iLovePDF is the best platform for combining, converting and compressing your PDF files : iLovePDF is a free website that allows you to edit and convert documents to PDF. We present you this online PDF editing tool, which has undergone many changes over the years.

Among the functions of the site, you can convert Powerpoint, Excel, Word and even JPG files to PDF, reduce their size, merge PDF files, sort pages and split files to create separate PDF files.

Using iLovePDF is very fast and easy and you will save a lot of time when it comes to converting your PDF files.

PDF Splitter

This easy-to-manage PDF separation program supports several separation modes: page-by-page, by bookmarks and by blank sheets. It is possible to split a PDF document into 2 parts, highlight even or odd pages. During the export, additional settings are available, you can adjust the rotation, add headers and footers, change the color model.

Users are provided with several types of protection, you can embed a digital signature, compress, extract images. The user-friendly interface helps to understand the basic functionality in a short time, and the tree-like structure of the explorer allows you to quickly find the necessary materials.


This 2PDF editor allows you to separate digital documentation, scan and run text recognition. When splitting, you can select individual sheets, cut by bookmarks and optimize. Thanks to advanced features, users can create multi-level layouts with images, links, interactive forms and buttons, embed stamps and three-dimensional elements.

The design is slightly reminiscent of Word, representing a single window with several panels. Despite the familiar interface, due to the abundance of options, beginners may face difficulties in mastering. Specially for them, there are built-in training materials that will help you get acquainted with the basic functionality.


Each of the services listed above has its own interesting features. But if you evaluate them by the speed and quality of work, each of them gets only a “five”.

If the essence of the task is to divide the document into several parts, you can safely choose any option from the above.