How to increase the chance of being in the recommendations of TikTok? Tips for beginners 

Popular youth hosting with short videos is rapidly gaining momentum. More and more people are going online to relax after a working day or to learn something new. At the moment, TikTok is included in the list of the most visited sites on the global Internet. It has overtaken several popular sites and is approaching the indicators of such networks as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. Several hundred thousand people regularly visit hosting and this cannot but attract those who want to earn money online. 

You’ve probably heard about the successes of many young people and teenagers who have gained fame thanks to the site. Someone made a lot of efforts in order to achieve results, and someone just needed to buy tiktok followers and regularly post thematic content. 

Every second Internet user dreams of making money without leaving home and shooting a video with himself in the main role, but few people dare to try themselves as a video maker. 

Due to the large and fierce competition, it has become more difficult to get into the recommendations and thereby attract new viewers. For this reason, people reject the idea of becoming popular on TikTok. But in fact, this is possible if you follow some rules for maintaining a profile and know what content is interesting. 

How to maintain an account to be on trend? 

TikTok users, as in any other social networks, pay great attention to the visual component and aesthetics. If you intend to be at the top of the platform as often as possible, you need to think in advance about what the viewer will see when they go to the page. Come up with an interesting and memorable nickname so that the user remembers it and can easily find the account again. In the “about yourself” section, add a few key suggestions where you will tell about who you are and how you can be useful to the target audience. It is advisable not to use slang and not to abuse professional terms if you have an expert or commercial profile. 

The description should be written in simple language so that a person immediately understands what your content is about and can make a choice whether to follow you. Don’t forget to add links to other social networks and post information about the site, if you have one. As an avatar, choose a successful bright portrait that will favorably distinguish you from other authors. 

A single style and color scheme is the trend of 2022. Not all influencers follow this and as a result lose a certain number of potential subscribers. The sculpting font on the clip’s screensaver, the unique video processing and the use of your own presets will help you create high-quality content. Some people remember the picture better than the text, and more often recognize the author’s video because of its “zest”. 

Follow to the chosen topic. Users are not attracted to accounts that try to cover all topics in order to get more subscribers. The best solution is to target your target audience and shoot videos similar to those that have received the most coverage. In order to see the statistics, you need to switch to a professional account, this can be done in the profile settings. 

How to be in the recommendations? 

1. The first videos are the most important in promoting the account. You don’t have the opportunity to conduct an experiment and shoot test videos to understand whether the content will be in demand. As soon as you upload several videos to a page, the algorithms automatically show them to a limited circle of people to understand whether it is worth promoting it to the top. The more comments, likes, new subscriptions and reposts there are on the clip, the higher the probability that many users will see the video. 

2. Write keywords in hashtags. It’s no secret that many people are looking for interesting content by tags. This practice is especially common on TikTok, so under each clip of a top maker you can see keywords such as ”foryourpage”, “challenge”, “fyp” and so on. Thus, they increase the coverage and this contributes to the fact that the video is in the top ten in search results. But first, it’s better to use less popular hashtags so as not to compete with celebrities. 

3. Use the chance to buy tiktok followers cheap to create a certain base of subs that you can count on in the future promotion. This method is suitable for absolutely any novice blogger, regardless of budget. At the same time, we advise you not to buy a large number of subscribers at once, but to gradually develop your account. When you have a base created, organic promotion will be much easier. The choice of the company should be approached responsibly and carefully so that you are not sold useless bots that will harm the statistics of the page. Read the reviews, analyze the work of the service, ask the manager questions in the chat and only then make a purchase.

Maintaining an account and promoting on TikTok will take away your time and effort, be prepared for the fact that you will have to treat this project as a real job that requires your constant attention and regular publication of new content. Decide on a niche, target audience, make a content plan and start acting. Good luck!