How to Make a 20oz Sublimation Tumbler

Whether you’re looking for a DIY project or want to buy a cool gift, sublimation tumbler is the perfect item for any occasion. This article outlines the basic steps involved in making your own 20oz sublimation tumbler so you can easily make one of these for yourself at home!

What is a Sublimation Tumbler?

Most sublimation tumblers use a heating element to heat the wax and turn it into a liquid. They are then placed in an oven and the heated wax is forced through small holes onto a cooling surface, where it solidifies into a coin shape or any other desired shape.

Some people prefer sublimate tumbler because they don’t need any tools or cleaning supplies. All you need is the tumbler and some wax; you can even buy pre-made wax pellets. Another reason to love sublimation tumblers is that they’re portable – you can take them with you wherever you go!

To make your own sublimation tumbler, first gather the materials you’ll need: an oven, wax pellets, mug, heating element (if using), spoon, spatula, and thermometer. Place your mug inside the oven and pour in enough wax pellets so that when the mug is filled to the top of the pellets, there are no spaces left between them. If using an electric heating element instead of an oven, plug it in and set the temperature according to your heater’s instructions. Once your mug is full of wax, place it on top of the heating element/oven and wait until all of the wax has melted – this should take about five minutes. Remove your mug from the oven and allow it to cool for at least two hours before using.

How to Make a 20oz Sublimation Tumbler

Making a 20oz sublimation tumbler is a great way to show your support for your favorite team while enjoying your favorite drink. You will need the following supplies:

-20 oz. plastic beverage container

-Sublimation tape


-Waterproof marker or pen

-Tin snips or scissors

-Styrofoam block

To make the tumbler, begin by cutting the bottom off of the plastic beverage container. Cut a hole in the center of the bottom so that the Sublimation tape can fit through it. Next, cut a piece of tape that is at least twice as long as the circumference of your beverage container.

Peel off one end of the tape and place it over the opening on the bottom of your beverage container. Hold down firmly with your fingers and carefully peel away another end, making sure that both ends are stuck to the inside of your container. Now stick one end of the second piece of tape to top of first piece, making sure that they are lined up correctly. Stick them together with tin snips or scissors if necessary. Finally, stick another end of tape to Styrofoam block and press down firmly so that it covers entire lid. Cut excess tape off around edges if needed.

Tips for Care and Maintenance of a 20oz Sublimation Tumbler

If you love your oz Sublimation Tumbler, take care of it! Here are a few tips for keeping your tumbler in top condition:

-Wash your mug after each use with warm soapy water and a toothbrush.

-Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean the mug. These can damage the finish.

-Allow the mug to air dry completely before storage.

-Store the mug on its side if possible, to avoid scratches on the surface.


If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to show your support for your favorite team, consider making a 20oz sublimation tumbler. This easy project can be completed in just a few hours, and it will make an excellent gift for any sports fan. Follow our simple instructions to create your very own sublimation tumbler, and be sure to share photos of your finished product on social media using the hashtag #sublimationbottles!