How Toilet Targets Can Transform Your Bathroom Experience

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. A lot of new technology is being developed to transform your bathroom experience.

A toilet target is a light attached to the bottom of a toilet that illuminates the bowl when someone enters the room or nears it. These lights help people aim straight and reduce mess.

No More Miss Hits

Aiming for the bowl is important when potty training boys, but they can’t always hit the target. One company has created a toilet seat that can help boys aim better and avoid the mess on the floor.

Wired reports that the seat is designed with a 13-degree slope that increases the strain on the legs. This increases leg movement and helps boys to focus on aiming instead of trying to avoid pain from the pressure of sitting in a splatter-prone toilet. The company says the seat has already helped reduce miss hits by 80%.

Other ways to improve aiming in the bathroom without installing a new toilet exist. Some companies make plastic urinal targets that stick to the inside of a toilet’s rim, giving children (and adults) something to aim for. These targets have heat-sensitive black ink that ‘disappears’ when pee hits the target, revealing a fun picture underneath. These toilet targets are especially useful for kids with sensory issues and are a great tool for teaching boys how to aim properly in the toilet.

Another way to improve aiming is with a bidet attachment. These can be attached to your existing toilet and offer a stream of water that aims at the target area. Many people find them more comfortable than a toilet paper roll, and they can save you from needing to wipe the anal area, which can be painful for some individuals.

The best part is that there are now bidet attachments for almost any type of toilet. They use water from your regular supply line and can be installed in about an hour. Some have a remote control so you can adjust the spray pattern.

Some products can even add music or white noise to the bathroom experience. Adding these elements can create a relaxing environment for people with anxiety or sensory issues; some can even help with sleep problems.

Other technologies are available to transform the bathroom experience, including toilets that play music, offer a massage-like nozzle, or sanitize the bowl with UV light. Adding these amenities to your home can give you a high-tech bathroom that’s sure to impress guests. If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom to include some of the latest tech, contact the award-winning team at Design Tech Remodeling today!

Cleaner Bathrooms

Using products that target specific stains and cleaning up certain areas of the bathroom is essential for a thorough cleaning. Many of these products have instructions that will help you figure out how long to leave them on — so be sure to read them carefully. Adding these products to your routine will reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do overall, and you’ll be able to keep your bathroom looking like new for longer.

A few other nifty tips can help you keep your bathroom clean for longer. One popular method suggested by Thrive Global is working on one section at a time. This way, you can give your full attention to the room before moving on and cleaning up something else. This is a great way to ensure that every inch of your bathroom is cleaned.

Another idea is to make your bathroom a space that you want to be in. Create a relaxing atmosphere by playing music, reading a book, or even just enjoying some quiet time. You can also incorporate technology to make the space more modern and functional, such as a bathroom camera that can blur out private body parts or even play calming white noise.

Try toilet targets for a fun and unique way to get boys acclimated to aiming. These stickers stick to the inside rim of your toilet and give little ones (and big boys, too) something to aim for. They have heat-sensitive black ink spots that, when hit by wee, ‘disappear’ to reveal a fun picture underneath. Once the wee is flushed, the targets go back to black for the next time.

You can also add a smart sensor to the toilet to pre-flush it before entering. This will help save water and reduce bacteria build-up in the stall area. It can also be used to detect if the toilet paper is low or empty and automatically replenish it for you.

There is much more to learn about how to improve your bathroom experience, but these are a few easy ways to start. By incorporating some of these nifty tips, you can make your bathroom cleaner for longer and enjoy a more pleasant and Zen environment.

Fewer Accidents

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in the home. Falls in the bathroom are most often caused by slipping on slick surfaces, but other risks include overexertion or moving too quickly into or out of a tub or shower. Taking steps to ensure safety in the bathroom can help you or your loved ones avoid accidents.

Keeping the bathroom floor clear of items that could be tripped over or sat on is crucial to prevent falls. Whether it’s a floor mat or rug, remove any objects that may be easy to trip over as you or your loved one move around the room. It’s also a good idea to install a night light in the bathroom to provide more visibility so your loved one can see obstacles or wet spots that they might not have noticed otherwise.

Installing grab bars can effectively make getting on and off the toilet easier and safer for seniors or those with limited physical abilities. Grab bars can be placed on the wall next to the toilet and in the bathtub and shower, giving your loved one something to hold onto if they lose their balance while moving or when they need to get up from the toilet.

Consider installing a fun target on the inside of your toilet to give little boys (and big ones) something to aim for. These targets are plastic with heat-sensitive black ink that “disappears” to reveal a fun picture once the wee hits it and then goes back to black when the toilet is flushed. This helps the boys focus their attention and motivates them to aim straight!

Another great way to help with aiming is to use a toilet paper dispenser that holds the roll up high. This eliminates the need for your loved one to reach over their shoulder and can cut down on the risk of pulling a muscle. These dispensers can also be installed with a sensor that senses when the toilet is being used and will automatically open and close the lid to keep germs and debris out of the bowl.

Less Mess

Whether it’s to help kids with their aim or to add a splash of style to your bathroom, toilet targets are a fun and practical way to make life in the loo less messy. These plastic targets stick to the inside rim of your toilet, and when wee hits them, they ‘disappear’ to reveal a fun design that then returns to black when the seat is flushed. The targets also have a nightlight function for those who use their toilet at night.

The idea behind these fun targets is to encourage kids (and adults) to aim straight. Boys, in particular, can struggle with this because they do not have the physical ability to see where their wee will go. The targets offer a great solution as they provide something for the wee to hit, and once it does, it is not hard to learn to aim correctly.

For commercial bathrooms such as offices, schools, or restaurants, urinal targets reduce the mess left on the walls and floor, making your bathroom cleaner. They also improve Occupational Health & Safety by encouraging a clean environment. For added security and privacy, urinal targets can be designed with cameras that are pointed high up in the stall so that only the person’s face shows, or even more advanced designs that can blur private body parts.

Another useful addition is an auditory indicator for when a stall has been vacated. Instead of using a sign, a simple speaker can be installed on the wall so that when someone is done with the stall, they simply need to yell out what number stall they were in, and if it’s open, then just the word “open.”

While it may not be as convenient as the jetpack of Rosie from The Jetsons, plenty of smart technology gadgets can transform your bathroom into a space you love to spend time in. Contact the team at Design Tech Remodeling today to discover the smart bathroom ideas that could work for you. The possibilities are endless! They are also experts in remodeling kitchens and can create the perfect home for aging-in-place.