How Your Favorite Movie Can Change Your Life: The Key Facts About the Benefits of Cinema

How Your Favorite Movie Can Change Your Life: The Key Facts About the Benefits of Cinema

It’s unlikely that everyone has the same relationship to film. So, if for some it is the most important of the arts, for others – just a background, to the sounds of which you can cook borscht, for example. Despite such different perceptions, film can give each of us a lot. What is it? Let’s look into it.

The Opportunity to Take a Pause and Breathe out

Watching a movie is one of the most common and accessible types of leisure. Returning from work after a busy day, you can relax and spend a cozy evening with the characters of your favorite series, and at the weekend change the environment and go to the cinema. As a family, go to the comedy, a couple will probably enjoy a romantic movie, and alone is good to see something of the art house genre. Due to the pandemic, it is now recommended to avoid going to public places, so a great alternative to the cinema can be a home movie.

More and more often you can see movies on smartphones in public transport: the way to work or business is sometimes long, so why not make it a little more pleasant? If you want, a movie or TV series can become part of a certain tradition. For example, staying home to watch a movie, you can cook pizza or invite friends.

Broaden Your Horizons

Documentaries are certainly informative and fascinating, but feature films are also a treasure trove of information. Often, after watching a film adaptation, those who haven’t read the book the script is based on will pick up the source material: this sometimes leads to an interest in reading in principle. Similar to matches at a new sports betting site, movies with historical themes or biographies leave few people indifferent to the fate of the main characters or the time portrayed by the director. And how many countries, their nature, architecture and customs of peoples have we got to know through films? And watching movies with the original voiceover (and at first with subtitles), you can greatly advance in the study of words and pronunciation of almost any foreign language.

Educated people with a broad outlook almost certainly make interesting conversationalists. What matters here is the ability to start a dialogue, carry on a conversation, and keep the conversation going. Of course, this skill depends directly on practice and the desire to communicate with others. Cinematography can help with this as well. You can learn communication skills and see examples of successful or unsuccessful interaction with other people, even if you watch a children’s movie. Is it worth mentioning the stories of great people, sports victories or stories about love, friendship, loyalty, and betrayal? By enjoying the process itself, you can learn a lot. 

The Opportunity to Be Yourself

Movies and our lives are similar in that in both, people are constantly playing roles. The difference is that a professional who can get into character feels perfectly at home in it, which is not the case with people who find it difficult to be who they are not for a long time.

One proven way to feel free of conventions and become direct, consistent with its essence is to immerse themselves in creativity. By giving ourselves over to the fascinating, we forget about who or what anyone thinks of us, we become ourselves. People who are capable of showing true feelings. Although cinema is the work of another person, if we are close to what is happening on the screen, the boundaries of our own and others seem to dissolve. Then we feel what was important to the author, as well as what is very valuable to us. We experience the full range of emotions, merging with the characters: sympathy, pain, passion, love, rage, anger, confusion, humiliation, admiration, pride, determination, readiness to move mountains or forgive our loved ones the most offensive. Only the emotions inside and the reasons that cause them belong not to the screen characters, but to us, they are real and unplayed.

Personal Growth

Speaking of characters. It’s no secret that many people when watching feature movies are imbued with screen stories and relate the image of the actors to their own. Or, conversely, watching the behavior and habits of the characters, they note that they themselves are not typical, which irritates or repulses them. It turns out that cinema helps people to know how others behave and determine what they should or should not be. Only in contrast to normal life, when the impact of decisions made on future events is not immediately noticeable, in the movies you can observe it in just a couple of hours. And how many cases where favorite movies helped:

  • Decide on a profession and major goals.
  • Find a faithful four-legged pet and create traditions.
  • Learn to be a true friend and have fun.
  • Keep their spirits up in difficult times and keep their faith in the best.
  • Fulfill dreams and achieve the impossible.
  • Believe in magic and start making miracles yourself.