Huawei Band 7 Launched: A New Level Of Comfort:

It would be amazing if a band watch could be obtained with the same features and have a reasonable price in this world where digital band watches are gaining popularity. The weight and thickness of the device have been reduced to provide users with a new level of comfort.

Huawei Band 7: Change in Design and What’s new?

Making the new Huawei Band 7 smaller in size, wider in screen, and lighter in weight is just a few of the features of this digital band. There are more features to be discovered as well. You can also check the Huawei band 7 price here.

Having a screen of 1.47 inches, having a resolution of 194(×)368 and it has decreased to 16 grams without the strap These new features make it easier to wear 24/7 and they also make it easier to use and control.

However, if we mention its other admirable features we would not be wrong to conclude that Huawei band 7 is not only affordable, but very user-friendly as well.

The new Huawei Band 7 specifications and features include:

  • This new band will give you a tremendous battery life of 14 days after the charge. It can stay up to 10 days if used heavily. If in an emergency you can charge for five minutes and its battery will last up to two days.
  • The most important new feature is that its tracker can maintain 50 meters down too.
  • Smart sensors like gyroscope sensor, accelerometer, magnetic charging point, and Optical heart sensor.
  • It has as many modes of sports as you count including swimming and racing etc.
  • Manufacturers have also extended the aesthetics by adding colors like black, red, nebula pink, green, gold, and blue.
  • Its finish is fine enough that it looks like metal. Manufacturers say it is made from polymers.

Huawei Band 7: Why Should You Buy It?

As compared to previous models, it has a lot smarter and more convenient features.

Smarter than before:

  • It is smarter thinner and lighter, it has a full view screen which is feasible to use.

Aiding Your Health :

  • Senses your health by identifying sleep problems as well, as monitors SpO2. It can detect 4 types of sleeping problems.
  • It’s perfect for athletes or maybe a fitness fanatic because it not only reminds you to drink water, but also provides other useful information.
  • If your stress level increases. It will help you to get over it too by asking you to do exercises to reduce your stress.
  • Additionally, it has an alarm, clock, voice assistant, and flashlight and you can reply to your WhatsApp messages and have call notifications.


Considering its new features, looks, and built-in specifications, the Huawei band 7 can be the best digital watch for people who need an aesthetically pleasing and convenient watch.

It has attractive colors, widescreen, lightweight, and features like an alarm clock, flashlight, sensors, high battery life, and more. It is more than just a digital watch that not only gives health and fitness benefits but provides you with basic phone features.


  1. Can you answer calls on Huawei Band 7?

You can see notifications of phone calls as well as answers to phone calls on Huawei Band 7.

  1. Does Huawei Band 7 has GPS?

Although you can track your health through Huawei Band 7 it does not support GPS.

  1. Is Huawei Band 7 waterproof?

Yes, with the help of the 5ATM waterproof rating, it is water-resistant.