Ideas for a cruise trip near London to propose your partner

Wedding bells ringing in your mind? Well, summer is right here and that means so is the season for proposals. Imagine a stunning background of endless water, the sun setting on the horizon and the two of you in the middle of nowhere. Now what could be better than such a splendid backdrop for your proposal? A cruise holiday is your answer. So hop on to get some super romantic ideas to pop the question on a cruise and make the moment memorable. 

  • Skywriting

This idea is extravagant and over the top, if that’s how your partner likes things. Cruises stop at ports for a day or two when you can step out. Pre-arrange a date and rent a plane to write your message to your partner in air. Let the whole world see your declaration of love to them. You could either arrange the date at an open restaurant or if you like the outdoors, plan a picnic so you could be right under the sky when the plane writes your proposal in the air.

  • The Titanic proposal

Go for the classic Titanic style on-the-deck proposal. It doesn’t have to be flashy or showy. Simply, you and your partner on the deck close to the railing and go down on one knee. Honestly, this does not even need any preparation. The ambience of the night on the cruise will automatically create a very romantic atmosphere for this special moment. Make it classic with one of the pretty hidden halo engagement rings that are in trend now.

  • Dinner under the stars

Have the staff on the cruise arrange a special table for you right on the deck. Find a romantic and secluded spot on the top-most level of the ship and dine under the stars with just a candle for light. You could go for the classic champagne and strawberries proposal right there by putting a ring in her glass or in the cake. Make arrangements for soft music to be played and pamper your partner as they are about to experience the most special moment of their life.

  • Decorate the room

Some of you will agree that proposals are much better in private. If you’re not a people’s person and the idea of popping the question in front of a crowd stresses you out, don’t pressure yourself for it. Private proposals are known to make the best of memories as well. Send them out for a task intentionally so you have the cabin to yourself for some time. Or you could both go out and give instructions to the cruise staff to have the cabin decorated with flowers, pictures of the two of you, sparkly lights, a bottle of champagne, etc. You could go an extra mile by putting rose petals on the bed and a hand-written love letter by the side of the table. The options are endless to make the moment special for your would-be better half. 

In the end, the location and the plan is simply meant to enhance the already beautiful moment of your proposal. So go with your heart and make it a memorable one. For the proposal, you’ll obviously need a ring. To find many options just as beautiful for your partner, you can visit hatton gardens jewellers.