If You Mix Ambien With Alcohol, You Are in Danger!

Ambien is a sleeping pill that doctors often prescribe. However, doctors do not prescribe this pill to people with a history of alcohol abuse. It can be fatal to mix ambien with alcohol. Even normal doses of this pill can be perilous with alcohol.

It is found that if you stick to the prescription, you would not fall into addiction. However, the drug has the potential to make you develop dependency. It induces sleep and relaxes the central nervous system. It is this relaxing effect that makes a person continue taking ambien.

According to addiction recovery center specialists, when you find yourselves taking ambien in a dose higher than prescribed or taking it even after the prescription is over know that you are on the path to addiction.

Otherwise, there is no point in continuing a pill.

Why do people mix ambien with alcohol?

People who have a habit of drinking alcohol are more likely to mix ambien with alcohol. Both drugs, when mixed together, suppress the functioning of the central nervous system tremendously. People think they are relaxing, but this can be dangerous. If you are interested in rehab in Melbourne head over to The Hader Clinic

Too much suppression of the central nervous system can lead to dangerously slow heart rate and breathing. This can be fatal.

Moreover, ambien is known to produce weird side effects such as sleep-driving, sleepwalking, and doing other activities while in sleep.

Ambien and alcohol mixed together are said to give you a feeling of well-being, which is only an illusion. It can relax you to the point that you feel clumsy, drowsy, impaired in your thinking, and experience visual hallucinations.

Ambien addiction, alone, is a challenge to tackle. When you mix ambien with alcohol, it becomes tougher. Now you must deal with two addictions simultaneously.

If you have been taking ambien with alcohol, please do not attempt to withdraw on your own. Seek professional help, as withdrawal can lead to some very terrifying symptoms.

Long-term ambien-alcohol abuse side effects

Alcohol is known to damage the liver and kidneys. Imagine the amount of damage you do to these organs when you mix ambien with alcohol! Long-term use can damage the liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart, and brain.

Expert advice 

According to Delaware drug rehab specialists, mixing ambien and alcohol doubles the danger. That’s why when doctors prescribe ambien to treat insomnia they advise patients to hit the bed immediately after taking the pill. Please do not have a drink. The pill is meant to make you sleep.

Mixing ambien with alcohol is an irresponsible thing to do.

Yet, it is found that people, despite knowing the dangers of mixing ambien with alcohol, have a drink after taking this pill!

Both drugs together amplify each other’s effects. That’s why people feel abnormally relaxed and euphoric. According to doctors, this is not your natural state of being. However, just the love of being in this state makes people mix ambien and alcohol.

If you are addicted to ambien and alcohol, you need a drug detox combined with a thorough rehabilitation program.

Search for a suitable rehabilitation center near you. Begin your de-addiction journey as soon as possible.