Is Jenn Carter A Girl?

A dubious taste in beats has plagued New York drill rappers/musicians, but that’s not a problem with the talented Jenn Carter. The eclectic rapper is quickly rising in the music industry because of her fantastic soulful lyrics and indie-pop style. Besides her music, Jenn Carter has an interestingly unique fashion that makes her fans wonder.

Early Life

  • Born as Jennifer Oghenekevwe Akpofure on March 26, 2003 in Brooklyn, New York
  • Surrounded by music from a young age as her mother was a musician
  • Started writing and performing music at age 11, and was taught songwriting by her mother
  • Cites musical influences like Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Kendrick Lamar
  • Went to college to study music production before returning to Brooklyn

Music Career

  • Released debut single “Party” on SoundCloud in January 2021
  • Followed by singles like “Die Rich” (feat. Kyle Richh) and “41 Reasons”
  • Frequently collaborates with fellow NYC rappers TaTa and Kyle Richh as part of the rap group “41”
  • Known for songs like “Everybody Shot”, “See Red”, “Lights Freestyle”, “Notti Bop”
  • The style blends drill, hip-hop, R&B, soul, and jazz influences
  • Androgynous style (wears suits, hoodies, caps, Jordans) has drawn attention
  • Managed by RiteOrWrongKVH Entertainment, has 176k Instagram followers
  • Rising star in Brooklyn/NYC drill scene, been rapping and writing songs for 11 years

Jenn Carter’s music style

Jenn Carter has a unique music style that blends elements of blues, jazz, hip-hop, and folk. Her music’s lyrics are soulful and are generally about current social issues. She draws inspiration from classic soul artists such as Marvin Gaye and Bill Wither and modern hip-hop artists such as Anderson Paak and Kendrick Lamar.

is jenn carter a girl

Jenn Carter’s real name

Jenn Carter’s real name Jenn Carter’s real name is Jennifer Oghenekevwe Akpofure. She is an upcoming talented drill rapper from Brooklyn. Jenn is famous for collaborating with her 411 members, TaTa and Richh. She is also renowned for having the WAP.

Rapper Jen Carter’s Gender

The idea that only males may wear menswear is an antiquated stereotype. Gender roles are rapidly evolving, allowing for greater creative freedom in clothing. 

Jenn Carter, a famous female drill rapper, is known for her taste in edgy clothing. Defeating men at their game, she rocks them better than they can. However, many people have wondered, “Is Jenn Carter a girl?” because of how she dresses. 

Jenn Carter identifies as a girl and has confirmed this by using she/her pronouns in her Instagram bio. Jenn is a huge fan of menswear because she feels it enhances her musical aesthetic. 

Jenn’s Physic; Height and Weight  

Jenn Carter stands at 5 ft, 8 inches tall and weighs 51 kilograms. Jennifer Carter has black hair and is a stunning beauty.

Jenn Carter Love Life

Famous songs and rap lyrics have made Jenn Carter’s personal life public knowledge, but the 19-year-old sensation is just getting started. In conclusion, Jean Carter has yet to find a life partner.


Rapper Jenn Carter is a female who embraces an androgynous style but identifies as a girl, using she/her pronouns. Her birth name is Jennifer Akpofure and she is an upcoming drill artist from New York.