Jackie Chan net worth Famous Hollywood Star

Jackie Chan net worth Famous Hollywood Star


Jackie Chan is a famous movie actor born in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong on 7th April 1954. He couples up as a producer, martial artist, stunt performer, and a director. Jackie Chan net worth grew with his career. He has shown masterly of skills especially in his portrayal as martial art pundit. He has created a connection between the western and Asian filmmaking through is the flawless execution of roles provided. Jackie Chan launched his career debut at the tender age of five, later joining professional actors the likes of Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung.

Jackie Chan net worth

Early life

Born in China, there were so many struggles going on within the political arena, and the social structures. His parent moved to Australia in pursuit of better jobs when Chan was only seven years old.

He was not carried along since he was left behind to train Chinese at the Opera Research Institute. At the facility, he was taught basic life skills that would later shape up his career in the acting industry. He was exposed to martial art training, drama, singing, and acrobatics his teachers instilled discipline to the extent of corporal punishment mostly for poor performance.

Such struggles did not deter him from achieving his goals and moving to the height of his career. His professional acting started early he was featured in the movie Big and Little Wong Tin Bar at the age of eight.


After his graduation in 1971 Chan got a chance to feature in yet another movie as a stuntman and an acrobat in the movie Fist of Fury1972. The movie starring the then Hong Kong screenplay superstar Bruce Lee exposed Chan to the world. In the film, he performed the highest fall in the Chinese film industry earning him respectable identification by the superstar himself among others.

Success and feature films

When Lee passed on in the following year of 1973, Chan was seen as the most appropriate candidate to succeed him. With such valuable opportunity presenting itself, Chan would use it as a conduit to channel himself to success.

With prior experience in the movie arena, he was ready to enter the film industry unbarred. Various platforms were laid before him to choose from, and it gave him a guaranteed breakthrough. He moved from being in the regular cast to starring several movies alongside his producer Lo Wei who previously worked with Lee.  It started toward Jackie Chan net worth growth. Most of them were unsuccessful, and the collaboration ended, though those several movies never provided the intended success it molded Chan’s confidence and acting milestone.

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It was time for Chan to break out of the Bruce Lee shadow and start building his brand and career. With his exclusive performances, unique martial art skills and stunt presentation Chan insisted that he required to debut solo. His masculinity and masterly of content blended with comedy were enough skills to go by. Following his desire to become like Buster Keaton his idol, he developed his comic formula that produced cinematic gold.

The success was witnessed during his act on the famous movie Snake in the Eagles Shadow 1978, in the movie Chan had proved his worth, and the art skills garnered prior were evident in the execution of the movie.

A short while after the movie was produced, Chan took the Hong Kong film industry by storm when he acted another comical film which was tremendously successful, the classic kung-fu comedy Drunken Master 1978.

In the subsequent year, he released yet another success named The Fearless Hyena 1979. The movies were followed later by other famous films namely; Half a Loaf of Kung-Fu 1980 and The Young Master also in 1980. The following movies presented Chan undoubtedly as a star to reckon.

With his fast-growing fame, Chan finally becomes Hong Kong’s highest paid actor. By this time Chan had become a master of his art gaining interest even internationally earning him respect in the field of acting.

Later on in his career, Chan ventured in Hollywood and it all proved successful with the evidence of reception showed towards him. He produced movies Like Jackie Chan Spartan X, Pulp Fiction 1994, Rumble in the Bronx and Rush Hour 3 2008 among others.  Wonderful success contributes hugely in Jackie Chan net worth.

Relationships and affairs

Way back in 1999 Chan is rumored to have had an affair with Elaine with whom he sired a daughter. He admitted being the father by saying it was just a mistake any man in the world would commit later there has had a series of allegations and events involving his daughter. In 2004 during movie production Chan confessed that there was a possibility that the pregnancy was premeditated by Elaine to trap him, he further added that that’s the reason he was always unable to help his daughter Etta. These incidents have not much impact on Jackie Chan net worth.

In 2011 Elaine moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong and claimed that her daughter has never requested to see her father at any time. In 2014 Etta was involved in an accident that required her to be stitched, when questioned on the issue Elaine claimed that Jackie does not provide any support and has not even visited her daughter, she also repeated this in a press conference amidst sobs.

She said that the only family she knew about was her daughter. In 2015 Elaine was yet on the news for the wrong reasons her daughter had called cops on her alleging cruelty. Despite the allegations, Jackie Chan is married to Lin Feng-Jiao and his son who also has found himself on the wrong side of the law sometimes. Jaycee Chan was convicted with drug possession where he served a six months sentence.

Jackie Chan net worth

Jackie has grown from earnings of four million dollars in 1995 way up to 61 million dollars in 2016. There has been a likely increase in income as time passes. He is currently valued at 395 million dollars a sizeable amount to go by. Most of his earnings are reported to come from his acting career in addition to his music which was produced during his prime years. It has been used as soundtrack in several movies that Jackie Chan has produced.