Kim Zolciak Net Worth

Kim Zolciak Net Worth

Kim Zolciak is a reality television star in America. She is most famous for appearing in the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta. She started appearing in the show in 2008. Previously she was a singer who sang occasionally and also released a few tracks to her name. Here is a look at the total net worth of Kim Zolciak by 2018.

Kim Zolciak Net Worth
Kim Zolciak Net Worth

The Early Life ofKim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak whose full name is Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak was born on 19th May 1978 in Florida. She is the daughter of Karen and Joseph Zolciak. Kim Zolciak only has one sibling by the name Micheal Zolciak who is in the military. Kim Zolciak was raised in a Roman Catholic background. She is also of polish and Italian descent.

Kim Zolciak went to school in East Catholic High school in Connecticut. She was later admitted to University f Connecticut where she was admitted for a degree in nursing. After she had graduated she moved to Georgia with her parents where she settled in John’s Creek.

At the age of seventeen, Kim Zolciak started dating as most American of that age do. She first dated a police sergeant at that tender age. They met when he had gone to interview her for a criminal investigation. The relationship was not a good battle for the both of them. It led to the police sergeant being fired from his job. Later on, the termination of his employment was later changed to an unpaid suspension of 45 days and he later went back to work.

In 2001 Kim Zolciak got married to Dan Toce, but they separated after 2-year of marriage. Before getting married to Dan Toce. Kim Zolciak had had two daughters from past relationships.

In 2010 Kim Zolciak declaredshe was bisexual and then went on to announce her relationship with DJ Tracy Young

In 2011, Kim broke up with DJ Tracy and when ahead to marry the football player, Kroy Biermann who was then playing for the Atlanta Falcons. The two have since then had four kids. Later on, in 2913 the both of them adopted the other two daughters Kim has gotten from previous relationships and both of them to Kroy Biermann’s surname. They are now called Ariana and Brielle Biermann.

Kim Zolciak Achievements, Career, Awards

As mentioned earlier Kim Zolciak joined the reality show ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta; when the show was in its 4th season and also later on the following season. After she and her husband joined the show ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ which was recording the wedding preparation for the two. Kim Zolciak has to leave the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ for the other show.

Kim returned to the show as a friend in season 10. This seemed to be a great deal due to the great monetary value she would have on the show.

Kim also has plans to appear in another reality show alongside   Nene Leaks who was her co-star at Real Housewives but the network cancelled the show. She was also supposed to star at ‘Dancing with the Stars ‘ but later then cancelled her participation from the show because of her inability to travel by air.

Apart from her acting career, Kim Zolciak is also tried singing where she released the single ‘Tardy for the party’. The song, however, got her in a legal controversy because she did not release the song with sufficient licences. She also went ahead to release two more singles ‘Google me’ and ‘Ring didn’t mean anything’.

More to this Km has her own line of cream as well as skin care products which go by the name ‘Kashmere Kollection’. Kim Zolciak also has plans to release her perfume line in the near future.

Achievements and Awards

Kim Zolciak has not received any recognition in the American television industry. She has however appeared on various shows that have seen her become a household name. She has become quite popular over the years and has garnered quite a following for herself. She rose to fame when she appeared on Real Housewives.

Kim Zolciak Net Worth

Kim has been in the acting scenes as well as the American music scene. She has also tried her hand in business with her Kashmere Kollection line of products. Her net worth currently is $1.5 million.

Kim also gained more fame after she got married to Kroy. Kroy was a prominent shot footballer who has a lot of significance in America. After getting married to him, she started getting in shows and also made her name and brand grow. Her husband Kroy is a pro football player who played for Atlanta Falcons and later on played briefly for Buffalo Bills. He is at the moment an agent and a fulltime dad. Kim is the first bread for the family currently.