Mistakes to avoid playing blackjack

If you are into casino games, then blackjack is probably your favourite game too. Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games. It goes back to the 1700s, invented in the French casinos. Even the name has origins in the French language as it was called vingt-et-un, which means 21. Therefore, the rules of the games suggest that a hand with total points of 21 or closer without busting wins.

The game is played with one to eight decks depending on the table. The cards are scored the same whether in a physical or online casino. A face card is worth ten points, while a 2-9 is worth its face value. Aces are worth 1 or 11 points. There are several strategies that you can play with to increase your chances of winning. Perhaps, blackjack is one of the fewest casino games that has a lower house edge and favours the players.

When you are at the table, you play against the dealer only. Blackjack is a fairly straightforward game, and it’s also simple to play using the right strategy. Most blackjack players, however, make several common mistakes. Their ignorance or laziness causes them to make these mistakes.

The following are some common mistakes to avoid playing blackjack.

Choosing to play at 6:5 tables

Rules vary with the table of your choice. Many rules are the same, but the payout on the 3:2 and 6:5 tables is different. The difference might be subtle, but in accumulation, the difference becomes substantial.

Suppose you play at a 6:5 table and bet $20. If you get the blackjack, you will receive $24. Whereas, when you play at a 3:2 table, you bet the same amount and get the blackjack, you will win $30. Now, if you get 100 blackjacks in a month, your total would be $2400 and $3000. The difference of $600 is noticeable.

Hence, whether you play online blackjack or a physical one, always play at a 3:2 table.

Not using the basic strategy

Players who struggle to decide at the Blackjack table can benefit from the basic strategy. Most of the time, you are advised based on your starting hand and the dealer. Blackjack’s basic strategy does not guarantee you the win. The goal of this strategy is to lower the home advantage to the maximum extent possible.

By ignoring the basic strategy, you will make risky decisions or play too safe when you should take risks. The strategy helps you avoid making mistakes by showing you the best moves to make. You can use it to determine when to stand, hit, double, or split your hand.

Taking the insurance bet

When the dealer has an ace, the chances of having a blackjack increase. The dealer asks if you would want an insurance bet. When you take the bet, and the dealer has the blackjack, you automatically lose your original beta and win a 2:1 insurance wager. If the dealer does not have the blackjack, you lose the insurance bet and have to play with your original wager.

The odds seem fine at first, but in reality, they are not. If we dissect the card points, the original odds are 2.25 to 1, which is worse.

Taking side bets

You must avoid taking side wagers at all costs. Casinos have designed these bets to make money. The house edge is on the higher side, and the odds favour the casinos. The risk-to-reward ratio is not worth taking chances on side bets.

Splitting tens

It is common for amateurs to split ten to get two winning hands. When you receive a pair of tens, your total becomes 20, which is closest to 21 and elevates your chances of winning the hand. When you split the tens into two pairs, the chances of receiving low-value cards are higher. Thus, this move is too risky and mostly ends on the losing side.