New York Car Shipping – Exploring Options to Use

New York is a cosmopolitan city with a population of 8 million or so people. It is a melting pot of cultures and as such one should expect a lot of businesses to operate there. One of the thriving businesses in this city is that of auto transport. 

Auto transport is the movement of cars from one location to the other. Many people in the city will always have a need of moving vehicles to or from the city for whatever reasons. Based on the demand for this service, there are a lot of companies that offer this service. 

Each of these companies has their different niches and the specialty of service that they offer. In this article, we will explore some of the options for auto transport in New York and how to choose the best one for you. 

Auto Transport Options 

Like we mentioned briefly, there are different ways of shipping cars from one location to the other. Some methods are DIY while others require professional execution. The DIY methods include driving the car to the location yourself or employing a driver to drive it. The professional options involve auto shipping companies. 

Below, we discuss some of the professional options 

Open Carriers 

In this method, open carriers are used to transport cars from one location to the other. This method is considered the most cost effective of all the methods which is why it is also the most popular. This is the method of choice for most car dealerships when shipping generic vehicles. 

Although this method is quite reliable and safe, one downside is that the cargo is exposed to road debris and weather elements. Since most car dealerships use this method, they know how to safe guard the cars and ensure that there is no damage in transit. However, this method is not recommended for transporting high end vintage or classic vehicles. 

Enclosed Carriers 

Just as the name implies, these carriers are enclosed which means they have a roof and closed in sides.  This carrier option is recommended for the transportation of high end vintage or classic cars. The reason is simply because of the added protection from road debris and inclement weather. Bear in mind that the cost is higher than that of open carrier transports. 

Door-to-Door Delivery 

This is the delivery option of having the shipping company pick up your vehicle and drop it off at designation destination. With this option, you do not have to bother about dropping off your car at the terminal or picking up. 

This is a very convenient means for people who are too busy to be bothered with drop off and pick up of their vehicles. Another set of people that should consider this are those relocating or buying cars from out of state. It goes without saying that there will be additional fees for this service. Click here for tips on how to safeguard your doorstep deliveries. 

Terminal to Terminal Delivery

This is the opposite of door to door delivery; this means that you have to drop off your car at the pickup terminal and pick it up at the destination terminal. While this may not be as convenient as the door to door option, it is cheaper. 

There are a number of reasons apart from cost that may warrant one choosing this option. One major reason is lack of access for large delivery vehicles in a neighbourhood. 

Cross-Country Auto Transport 

This means transporting vehicle from coast to coast or over a long distance such as across many states. This is made possible with the use of car carriers which may be open or enclosed. So if you are planning to relocate cross country, you need to contact these service providers ahead of time. They will help make you move as seamless as possible. Note that there is no type of automobile that they cannot help you move. 

Expedited Auto Delivery

This is a situation where a client needs a car to be delivered outside of the timeline of the shipping company. Sometimes people need car deliveries to be made as fast as possible. This is possible and all that the customer has to do is pay the extra fees and receive the specialized service. 

The benefit of this option is that your car will be handled specially and you can be sure that it will arrive safe and sound and when you want it. 

Tips for Saving Cost on Auto Transport in New York


Having looked at the various options to use for car shipping in New York and anywhere else in the world, here are tips on how to save cost :- 

  1. Start looking for the right company well ahead of time. This will help you do your due diligence, compare cost and choose the best option for you. 
  2. Book ahead of time, if you already have your relocation plans locked, you may save some money by booking your shipping ahead of time. Consider making your bookings during off peak season. 
  3. Consider bundle service – This is when you book multiple vehicles for shipping at once. Some shipping companies will give you discounts for this. 
  4. Look out for economy options 
  5. Consider flexi pick up or delivery options. Some companies will give discounts for customers who can be flexible with their pick up or delivery dates. 


Transporting your car to or from New York should not be so stressful if you do it right. We have shared some tips to help you achieve a seamless relocation or car shipping from any location.