PC Power Up: How to Choose Gaming Computer Parts

Unlike normal computers, the configuration of an emulator gaming computer is structured and supports many special functions, helping users have the best experience when using. From RAM, GPU to supporting devices, a gaming computer always hides secrets not everyone knows.

You want to experience the top games but are “constrained” in the limited configuration of a PC, with PC Power Up build yourself a PC powerful enough to satisfy your gaming passion. However, to be able to build your pc, it is necessary to meet many requirements in terms of financial conditions as well as compatibility between components. Here are some components that are needed to build a PC:


It is the processor. Referring to this symbol will have many parameters attached such as the clock speed, or the number of cores and processing threads. If your CPU has a higher clock speed, the processor will ensure to perform many calculations in a certain amount of time. Therefore, it will ensure the configuration of your terrible gaming computer.


Mainboard also called as the Motherboard. When buying a motherboard you need to consider the synchronization with the processor. You can use the Intel Desktop Compatibility Tool to check the compatibility between the motherboard and the computer using the Intel chip. However, PC Power Up recommends that you balance the price of the mainboard with the CPU because it is not always possible to spend a lot of money on the motherboard to achieve the desired effect or to have redundant features that are not used.

SSD or HDD:-

It is the storage hard drive, is an indispensable component if buying a terrible gaming computer configuration. As hard drive storage plays a role in increasing the ability to load games. Usually nowadays, people often use low-capacity SSD hard drives combined with HDD to both increase data capacity and ensure performance. 


It is a video card that specializes in supporting games and graphics. This is quite important in the configuration of a terrible gaming computer. VGA is responsible for image processing such as color. The resolution and contrast through connection to the monitor help gamers manipulate easily on the computer.

VGA is important to decide how fast or slow the computer is. If your VGA is good, the machine runs fast, if not, the machine runs slow. The more powerful the VGA, the higher will be the price, but the better the effect.

RAM: The Internal Memory of the Device

Choosing a good set of RAM plays an important role when choosing a configuration for a terrible gaming computer. And to choose a good RAM you must definitely consider the following factors:

Capacity: One question is how much RAM is needed to be able to play the game? Indeed, for a gaming PC running on a 64-bit operating system, a minimum of 8 GB of RAM is required. If below this level is too little, especially if you are playing 3D games, this requirement is even more stringent. If you want to play games smoothly and protect your computer, equip 16 GB RAM.