Stylish Pool Deck Design Options for Concrete Pools

Coherence is the number one factor when designing the swimming pool and its decks around it. An appealing pool deck seamlessly transitions to the pool’s interior.

Having a stylish pool decking adds more fun and completes the whole vacation vibe.

Today’s post guides you in styling your backyard swimming pools and having a basic knowledge when you search for “pool deck resurfacing near me.”

Before you get to what pool deck material and design would pass your standards, have a quick look at the factors that make a backyard deck.

  • The type of pool material to use
  • The area-size of the pool
  • The color theme and motif
  • The maintenance requirements you prefer
  • The climate in the region where your pool is located

Consider all these when choosing and planning the exterior style of your pool house. Here are common and trendy deck designs to try!

Deck Designs According to Material

The first thing that you want to know is what is the best material for your pool decks? In terms of materials alone, several factors come into play here. Consider the following when choosing:

  • The slip-resistant function of the surface
  • The durability and longevity of the materials
  • How long will installation would take
  • How much heat can it reflect for cooling decks
  • How will the material coincide with an existing theme

Once you have sorted out the material that would fit those factors mentioned above, you can call a local team of experts nearby. One of them is concrete contractors Dallas, a pioneering company in the Midwest.

Concrete Pool Finishes to Choose From

Concrete pools are stylish, chic, and versatile interior flooring for swimming facilities. Various patterns and decorative styles emerge from the simple, greyish stone look. Choose from the different applications and techniques to create a trendy deck.

1- Stamped concrete pool deck

Stamped concrete pool decks are classic and timeless, and they are durable to last for many years.

You can have this as an option for your modern-traditional historic Properties, like those luxury villas in LA and Vegas.

The stamped patterns recreate the look of natural stones and slates that perfectly fit swimming areas. Having them surround the water structure would remind you of a mini paradise with natural-looking steps.

2- Salt textured finish

Yes, got that right – a pool deck with salt on its surface! This is one of the rising trends today in outdoor deck making.

Like sand on the beach, the sites that surround your swimming place would give you the same natural vibe you get by shores in real life. The salt adds a layer of texture and density to the surface, making the floor slip=resistant and waterproof.

The surface would look like a sandy beachside with tiny salt-like grains that make the floors glisten in their aesthetics.

3- Stencilled Concrete

Meanwhile, a stencilled pattern is achieved using stencils made of cardboard or paper-like plywoods. Unlike the stamped patterns, which use stamp mats, stencilled designs come to life using stencils.

The difference with stencils is that the patterns are much more linear and narrower, and the designs tend to be shallower compared to stamps.

4- Exposed Aggregate Look

Another practical and smart move to finish a deck is with exposed aggregates. As the name suggests, the topping of the floor is a layer of aggregates. Instead of them getting mixed inside the concrete, the aggregates which contain pebbles, glass, and limestones appear on the surface.

With this finishing, you can choose whether you would use a shallow exposure or a deep exposure.

5- Broom finished

The next is broom-finished pool decks. Again, as simple as it sounds, this is achieved by using the mentioned tool.

The broom runs through the surface of a freshly poured concrete deck. Once the material is cured, linear patterns and textures appear. These lines create a seamless, straight texture on the surface. That makes a simple design, chic yet stylish because the fine, delicate lines perfectly match how the concrete appears beside the pool.

The lines also provide extra traction on the surface, bringing safety around the swimming area, and it reduces slip accidents and reduces water presence on the concrete surface.

6- Colored concrete

Last is colored concrete.

Concrete colorings also serve as an effective sealant to cement materials. When the pores of the cement are sealed, it prevents moisture and water build-up, making the fabric last longer and more durable.

So aside from the colors adding fun and flair on the decks for appeal, the material also enhances function.