Team Building: Approaches To Explore By Every Company

Have you been assigned a new team to work with? We understand how challenging it could be to work with a different set of people! There is a lot to assess – the team’s temperament, willingness to adjust, and more. In such a case, applying team-building tactics is the key! You might be wondering about those long talks and videos at the moment. But team building is much more than mere lectures! It is a way the team gets along (with each other) quickly without much ado. 

It may seem confusing at first, and thus, it is essential to understand some basic approaches by which you can build a successful team! Here are some types:

Activity Based:

This technique involves using an activity to help the team step out of their comfort zone. In short, it is a break from the usual work routine and adds a spark to meetings or get-togethers. Employees can indulge in various indoor, outdoor, or online activities. For example, many people have heard of or played in an escape room, but did you know you can play a virtual escape room game? That’s right! Your employees will have a blast as they solve clues to escape exotic places like a desert island or an ice palace. Incorporating fun events into meetings can help enhance collaboration among co-workers and create a positive work environment.

Communication Based:

The key to any teamwork is communication! Unless people talk to each other, it is guesswork that is happening. It is going to lead nowhere! Inculcating communication allows the team to know their colleagues better and share a personal bond. It also builds confidence in talking to others. Have you ever spun the bottle and played truth and lies with your friends? Why not do that at the office too? This ice breaker will indeed initiate the conversation! Have a small group? Play a barter puzzle!

Skills Based:

Are you thinking of a technique that can be productive and fun? Well, not to worry! Skill-based activity can do it all. No matter what type of job it is, skill is necessary. Sharpening those skills keeps one updated and influences the fellows working together. Skilled-based workshops can be incorporated into the office routine. For example, you can use the ‘back of the napkin’ challenge. Are you wondering how to make it interesting? Call Odyssey Teams! Odyssey Teams are pro at conducting workshops that enhance team building and development. They promote creative thinking and find ways to provide the best solution that will win the hearts of your team. Isn’t it comforting to hire such an expert and choose the best for your team?

Personality Based:

Every place has people of different personalities. Some may be introverts, while some may be extroverts. Or have you been ambiverts? It is not easy to get along with varied personalities, which is why personality-based techniques are a must. Personality tests can be administered based on which certain tasks can be appointed to specific individuals. It is basically knowing the best about your team so that you can utilize their abilities to the fullest.

Problem Solving Based:

Challenges are unpredictable! Every person must be ready for upcoming obstacles. Fun games and problem-solving exercises will teach the team how to work and grow together. Skill technique involves activities that probe problematic situations for which the solutions can be found. Isn’t it a fabulous tactic that also enables an application to real life?


Do you remember value education lectures in school? Ever wondered why we were taught that? We use it to build a team and bond with others in school and life ahead. Value-based techniques believe in giving back to society and each other, which many organizations adopt. Basically, it is like doing a good deed – for a charity or a cause. This can be done along with the team so that they learn to be empathetic to all.

Remember, team-building exercises should only be fun because people will not be interested in activities that lead to boredom. It should be able to build blocks for bringing your business and people together. But how often should there be a team-building activity? In reality, every company may have a different requirement. There are no rules to it! Just do it when you feel right, and don’t forget to use these approaches.