Things to Know When You Shop Cool Bongs

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Long gone are the days when smoking cannabis was just for fun. Today, science has taken a side of this plant and proven its many benefits for human health. It’s not yet officially approved as medicine; only as a supplement. Still, cannabis use is on the rise.

You can read more about the benefits of cannabis at the following link:

If this new knowledge rings your bells, and you want to try weed, you need to know how to do that. Smoking is certainly the most practical and effective way to feel all the benefits of weed. But this method is much more than making joints.

For example, beginners should try smoking with a bong. You may have seen it before, but you might be impressed by the fact that this device has been in use since ancient times. Of course, today’s models are modern, highly functional, and provide an unforgettable experience of smoking cannabis.

However, the range of smoking tools on the market can be confusing for beginners. But the vast offer also means that everyone can find something for their preferences and budget. You just need to know exactly what you’re up to and which bong’s features matter.

Water Pipe Size

The large number of bongs on the market can be classified into three sizes. Which one you’ll choose depends primarily on your needs, how you plan to use this device, and how often. 

For example, if portability is important to you because you travel a lot and always carry your bong, your choice will be mini water pipes. You’ll also opt for these if you want more concentrated cannabis smoke and harsher hits.

On the other hand, medium and larger bongs are suitable for everyday use at home. Medium devices come with a 14” height, making them handy for daily smoking. Larger water pipes produce rips that are tastier and less harsh to your throat and lungs, allowing for higher cannabis consumption.

Choice of Materials

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The quality of unique and cool bongs depends on the choice of materials but also on their functionality. Simply, all materials come with some of their features that’ll suit you more or less. Of course, material choice is a crucial factor in the device’s price.

For example, glass withstands high temperatures well, and it doesn’t change the taste of smoke, which means that rigs from glass bongs are smooth and tasty. But the major cons are their fragility and a price that’s a bit on the higher end.

Acrylic water pipes are cheap and almost indestructible, so they represent good bang for a buck if your budget is limited. But since acrylic is nothing more than plastic, it’s clear that these devices aren’t very heat-tolerant. In fact, they can start to change your weed experience over time due to the absorption feature.

Finally, there are ceramics and silicone, very durable and easy-to-maintain materials for water pipes. Ceramic ones are great if you strive for a neutral taste but aren’t suitable for adding accessories that enhance your smoking experience. As for silicone, these devices offer almost the same benefits as glass ones, with the difference of being almost impossible to break and costing a fraction of a glass bong’s price.

Bong Fundamentals and Accessories

In order for your search for the best bongs to be successful, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the working principle of this device (see more info here). That way, you will see which parts are essential and which are add-ons that can further improve your weed experience.

Basically, a bong is an elongated container (or pipe) divided into several chambers, with some water at the bottom. There are also two holes in this tube. The first is a mouthpiece on the pipe’s top, and the second is a tube inserted into the water that serves to make bubbles.

Opposite the downtube is a bowl where you insert crushed cannabis buds. Inside the tube you can find a percolator, whose purpose is to make extra bubbles. That’s how you get the cooler and smoother rips. 

*Note that this construction is possible with glass bongs, while acrylic, ceramic, and silicon ones don’t allow for that much customization.

When it comes to bong add-ons, they really can make your experience unforgettable. For example, you can add extra chambers, ice pinchers, ash catchers, filters, different percolator models, and bowls of various sizes that can raise smoking cannabis to a whole new level.

Think of  Your Smoking Habits

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Once you know all the previously described bong features, you should know how to adapt them to your smoking habits. The choice of this device will depend on how often you smoke and in what quantities.

For example, if you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll definitely need a larger bong. But if you only take hits here and there, you might want to buy a medium-sized water pipe. And a small one is the best buy if you want to get hits on the go, but you don’t do that too often.

Below, check some advice on improving your smoking experience with a water pipe:

But the water pipe size is not the only decision you have to make. You also have to think about bowl size. For instance, if you only need this device for personal use, look for bongs with smaller bowls. If you want huge hits without overdoing it, larger bowls do the trick. The specific model is a party-size bowl, suitable for several smokers at the same time.

However, before shopping for bong accessories, you should determine whether it’s male or female. You will easily recognize this by how you put the bowl – into or onto it. In the first case, you’ve got a female bong, while in the second case – your water pipe is male. Logically, all inserts should be of the opposite sex.

If you want to smoke marijuana but joints aren’t your thing, a good bong is what you need. Depending on your smoking goals, you can look for different water pipe models and specific add-ons to make your weed experience out of this world.