Tim Ferris Net worth is all what you need to know

Tim Ferris Net worth is all what you need to know

Tim Ferris Net worth – Tim Ferris is American author, writer, public speaker and entrepreneur. Ferris net worth is $ 100 million. Ferris founded BrainQUICKEN in 2001. He later sold the company to private equity firm from United Kingdom in 2010.

Tim Ferris Net worth
Tim Ferris Net worth

He debuted his television series The Tim Ferris Experiment in 2013 on HLN.  Ferris began Tim Ferris publishing, the audiobook venture that he has published a long list of successful audio books by 2013. Notable audiobooks that he has published include The Obstacle is the Only Way Among other books. He had a pilot, Trial by Fire and attempted to achieve rare skills. However, his fortune has come from his virtue of being an angel investor.

He has the rare talent of identifying start-ups, investing in them then reaping off massively. He had invested in different startups that include DailyBurn and TaskRabbit which turned into successful venture.

Ferris is also associated with Uber where he provided a pre-seed money advice to its founder. He is listed by both New York Times and CNN as one of the best angel investors in technology. Best known of him is the 4-Hour series featuring five books. The 4-hour Workweek featured as the New York Best Seller whereas the 4-hour Chef featured as Wall Street Best seller. In 2017, he started the television show “Fear(less) with Tim Ferris”.

This followed his podcast The Tim Ferris Show that had recorded notable success with over 80 million downloads. Ferris is a member of different non-profit philanthropic groups such as DonorChoose and Build Boston. His achievement in philanthropy is outstanding. In 2016, it was reported that he donated $100,000 for purchase of psychedelic drugs.

Early Life and Career

Tim Ferris was born July 1977. His place of birth was East Hampton New York. For his High School education, he attended New Hampshire boarding school. In his junior years, he travelled to Japan courtesy of an exchange program. Due to his outstanding linguistic ability and unique admission essay, Ferris got an admission to Princeton University.

His career in publishing   has been long and successful. He started off the writing career with his debut audiobook How I Beat the Ivy League. He was deeply involved in different occupations such as speed-reading instruction which he often won. In 2000, he graduated from Princeton. His main focus was the East Asia study. After the college, he later moved in Silicon Valley with the intent of working for numerous start-ups available at that time. The job was highly frustrating with limited pay. These conditions powered him to found BodyQUICK.  This first venture turned into success within a short time.  His net worth realized positive growth from that time.

Tim Ferris Net worth
Tim Ferris Net worth

Following the success of his first venture, he started writing the 4-Hour series. The First book in the series was the 4-Hour Work Week. This series was inspired, as he claimed, by working in BodyQUICK.

The project was heavily involving. The book became New York Times best seller.  Following the success of the first book in the 4-Hour series, he later published the second book in December 2010. The book was titled the 4-Hour Body-An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fast-Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming a Superman. The book was also a massive success becoming New York Times Best Seller as well as Amazon’s top selling book. It ranked in the top five. The latest and last book under the series is Tribe of Mentors: Short Advice from the Best in the World. All these books performed significantly well in the market.

Apart from authoring several books, Ferris is also involved in different shows. The most known is The Tim Ferris Show. The show covers a range of topics that include character development and metaphysics among other ventures. The most recent show is Fearless with Tim Ferris where is the host and interview people.

Part of his Ferris net worth is contributed by his investment. Ferris is both an investor and an advisor to investors. He is branded the best angel investor especially in the technology market. Ferris is behind performing brands such as Facebook, Twitter and Uber. In regards to investments, he raised 250,000 dollars in less than one hour. He intended the money for investment in Shyp. He therefore remains one of celebrities with highest net worth.

His latest project in publishing is the audiobook publishing ventures.

Tim Ferris Net worth
Tim Ferris Net worth

The venture, named Tim Ferris Publishing, took off in 2013. Under the project are a range of books  that have been relatively successful in the market. These include Daily Ritual by Masson Currey and Vagabonding by Rolf Potts.  These books have turned into success increasing Ferris net worth over time.

As a journalist, writer, author and investor, Ferris success gone through test of time. At the moment, his net worth stands at $100 million and is likely to increase. He lives in Austin, Texas after his long success in Silicon Valley. He is one of the most influential authors of this age.

Important Information about Tim Ferris

Full NameTimothy Ferris
Short Name Ferris
Date of birth July 20, 177
Born in East Hampton New York, USA
 Nationality American
OccupationWriter, Author, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker
Zodiac SignCancer
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
FatherNot known
MotherNot known
Sibling Not Known
Spouse Name Unmarried
Children Name None
Debut AlbumNone
First Tv ShowFearless with Tim Ferris
Height 5’9 tall
Weight in kilogramNot known
Shoe size Unknown
Body Measurement Unknown
Net Worth$20 million

Ferris Net Worth by Years

2011$53 million
2012$ 65milliom
2014$ 72 million
2016$85 million
2017$94 million
2018$100 million